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This updates list doesn't cover all updates. It wasn't until recently that I started writing this list.

All dates are in European format; yyyy-mm-dd.
Updates since 28th of September 1998 (in descending date order)
1999-12-30 A new quote was added and the latest isssue of the newsletter was posted to the newsletter page.
1999-12-24 Updates of main page, new question and more news posted.
1999-11-18 More quotes added, links page updated, the music is now back with ten different songs, newsletter web pages added, updated the news page and small updates of the layout of the main page, the frameset and the comments page.
1999-09-06 Bi-weekly question added (a new section added to the main page), some new quotes added, parts of main page redesigned, new poll, a web site newsletter mailing list was created, music removed (cross-browser compatibility problems; it will re-enabled in a few weeks) and checked for broken links.
1999-08-07 Main page slightly redesigned, replaced the Eddings Email service with Fantasy Forest Email service and did a few small updates and corrections.
1999-07-14 The comments-page was redesigned.
1999-07-08 The main page was redesigned.
1999-07-07 Main page redesigned and information on how to create puzzles was added to the puzzles-page.
1999-06-23 New quote added to the quote-page, thanks to Alli for sending it.
1999-05-27 New FREE Eddings Email Account Service launched.
1999-05-12 New pages; puzzles, resources, "Book of Heavens", site map and a time zone calculator. Plus lots of smaller changes including scheduled chat times and web site rankings on the links-page
1999-03-15 The main page was changed and forms for the Eddings Trivia Quiz and a new Eddings Poll were added.
1999-01-27 The comments page was updated and the navigation tab to the top on every page was changed.
1999-01-25 The reviews page was updated. The main page was changed a bit and and an updates-list was added.
1999-01-20 A banner was removed from the start page and small link button was added to the main page.
1999-01-16 A low bandwidth version of this web site was added.
1999-01-08 A big update with a lot of changes:
  • New books-page with descriptions and book-ordering links
  • Some graphics have been optimized in order to improve load speed
  • The design of the main page was slightly changed
  • Some pages and the page-foots were updated
  • A banner was added to the browser gateway page (index.htm)
1999-01-03 The 'Merry Erastide!'-image was removed from the main-page.
1998-12-23 A 'Merry Erastide!'-image was added to the main page.
1998-12-07 The largest images on the main page got low quality quickly loaded images added.
This means that when you first load the page you see the quickly loaded versions that is black and white line-art images. Then after the browser is done with the rest of the page it starts loading the "real" images and replaces the small and ugly looking quickly loaded images with the "real" ones.
1998-12-06 A link to Amazon.com and a search box were added to the main page.
1998-12-05 The info about J.R.R.Tolkien on the main page was changed and two intitial letter images were added. A photo of J.R.R.Tolkien was also added. I also updated some text on the news page.
1998-11-22 Background music, a page about the background music, main page redirection scripts, book poll and a NetMinder form were added. The About the Authors page and the main page were changed. Some links and incorrect ISBN numbers were also changed.
1998-10-12 The old mailing list form was replaced with a new one.
1998-10-05 All of the page logotypes were replaced with hand drawn pictures (except for the 'About the Authors' page and the 'Characters' page) to give the site a uniform and more medieval look. Some quotes were added to the books page. A page announcement form was added to the main page and some frame background images were slightly changed. This 'Updates' page was also added.
1998-09-30 The layout of the main page was changed.
1998-09-29 The comments page was updated. New CGI email script and few new input fields were added.
1998-09-28 Images on the main page were changed to speed up the load time of the page and a link was added.
All dates are in European format; yyyy-mm-dd.

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Last updated Deecmber 30th 1999

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