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The latest book: The Rivan Codex
The Rivan Codex

Published by:

HarperCollins/Del Rey


0-002-24677-5 (hardback)

Number of pages:

394 (HarperCollin's hardback)

First Edition:

July 1998 (HarperCollin's hardback)

The latest and last book about the world of the Belgariad and the Malloreon is named 'The Rivan Codex'. It's an illustrated book about history of that world. It contains 16 maps and fifty new illustrations by the British fantasy artist Geoff Taylor. 'The Rivan Codex' contains these texts and holy books:
  • The Holy Books
  • The Histories
  • The Battle of Vo Mimbre
  • The History of the Angarak Kingdoms
  • The Malloreon Gospels
  • The Book of Ages
  • The Book of Fates
  • The Book of Tasks
  • The Book of Generations
  • The Book of Visions
  • A Summary of Events
You can find more info about 'The Rivan Codex' at The World of Eddings. The a.f.e. FAQ also contains some info about this book.
It was published in July 1998 (UK) and October 1998 (US). The price is set to £17.99. And the book has ISBN 0-002-24677-5 (hc).

The Rivan Codex is the last book in these series. Eddings are creating something new and extraordinary. A completely new world. But I'm not sure in what time it'll take place.
At the AOL interview, David Eddings said 'I want to get out of the middle ages' (excerpt from the transcript). According to an interview in DreamWatch (a British SF and fantasy magazine) the new series will take place in the beginning of the bronze age.
Well...time will tell, sooner or later.
I think we're all looking forward for new fantastic, magic, amazing worlds from Eddings.
I'm sure we won't be disappointed in them...
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Polgara the Sorceress
Polgara the Sorceress

Published by:

HarperCollins/Del Rey


0-345-41662-7 (hardback)

Number of pages:

643 (DelRey's hardback)

First Edition:

November 1997 (DelRey's hardback)

Eddings' latest book is named 'Polgara the Sorceress'. At this time, it should be available in all bookstores in the U.K. and the U.S.
Sneak peeks available:

(There are probably more excerpts available, check it out...)

'Polgara the Sorceress' is available all over the U.K. and U.S (if you're looking for the British ISBN, check out The Vale). There's more info available at Del Rey Books.

Walhströms Fantasy (the Swedish publisher) says that the Swedish translation of 'Polgara the Sorceress' is expected to be finished in 1999 (it sounds pathetic, I think).
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No more Belgariad/Malloreon Books!
'The Rivan Codex' is going to be last book in these series. Here you can read why Eddings don't want to write any more books about this world. At http://www.randomhouse.com/
, I found this acknowledgement that is a reply to a fan who asked this question. (The message was forwarded by David's editor, Veronica Chapman).

High, They're,
Tell him sorry but no. Homer, Virgil, and Milton all did it in 12. Big Dave don't break no rules. (Actually a "Beldin" book would encourage a "Silk" book, followed by "Barak", "Mandorallen," "Hettar," "Sadi," "Zakath," "Urvon," "Cyradis," ad nauseam.) Big Dave ain't gonna write "Garion and the Ant People" ("Aunt people?") or "Abbot and Costello Meet Zandramas." This is called "drooling." I slobber sometimes, but I never drool.

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There won't be any more Elenium/Tamuli books. But why?
A fan sent this question to Eddings. This is the reply that she got (It was forwarded by Eddings' editor, Veronica Chapman).

Dear Ms. Preiser,

The tough thing about writing is knowing when to quit. The Elenium/Tamuli story is finished, and I'm not going to dribble off into "Talen and Berit meet Frankenstein." I'm far too fond of the characters to insult them with that. This is one of the great dangers we find in success. The writer and publisher are lured by the chance to take one more trip to the bank (in the same way that movie producers are). The fact that you wanted more is a fair indication that we hung it up at just the right time. The next logical step would probably have been, "Another Sparhawk story? Oh, God, can't he find something else?"

Besides, Aphrael would turn me into a toad if I tried another one. She doesn't want to be grown up.

Thanks for your interest,

Dave Eddings

Source: http://www.randomhouse.com/polgara/eddings/

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