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Posted by Aphrael (aphrael@microserve.net).

Add-on section posted by Sarabian (pfreemn@netcomuk.co.uk)

Version 2.0 + Add-on-section; last updated 21 February 1997

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  1. About David Eddings
    1. Biographical Information
    2. Bibliography
      1. Titles (includes U.S. and British ISBNs, and U.S. Publishers)
      2. German Titles
      3. Finnish Titles
      4. French Titles
      5. Swedish Titles
      6. Italian Titles
    3. Miscellaneous Information
      1. Omnibus Editions
      2. The Losers: Copyright date vs. creation date
      3. Where to Write to David Eddings

  2. Frequently Asked Questions


    1. The systems of magic and worlds that David Eddings have created don't always seem very logical. Why?
    2. I've got this great idea about who should be in a movie...
    3. Gee, has anyone noticed that the plots of Eddings' fantasies are all kind of similar?


    1. Inconsistencies
      1. Editing errors
        1. The infamous Chaldan/Chamdar misprint
        2. The wandering L's
      2. Boneheaded errors
        1. The name of Brand's oldest son
        2. Gared/Geran
      3. Illogical/inconsistent actions
        1. Durnik vs. Brill
        2. Asharak/Chamdar
    2. Dryads (a.k.a. The Thread That Will Not Die)
    3. Immortality (a.k.a. The Other Thread That Will Not Die)
    4. What, precisely, does the mark on Garion's hand signify?
    5. So, what exactly is on Garion's amulet?
    6. The meaning of 'Bel' and 'Pol'.
    7. Why isn't 'Durnik' called 'Beldurnik'?
    8. Why can't Zedar get out of that hole Belgarath put him in?
    9. Speaking of Zedar, don't you think his punishment was a bit too harsh?


    1. Inconsistencies
      1. Terms that can be confused
        1. Elene/Elenian
        2. Patriarch/primate
      2. Illogical gaps in the story
        1. Who exactly has touched the Bhelliom?
        2. Sephrenia and Aphrael's flying
    2. What God is supporting Zalasta's spells when he crashes Sephrenia and Vanion's wedding?
    3. Where do the renegade Styrics get their power?
    4. Why couldn't Sparhawk let King Wargun know that he was looking for Bhelliom?
    5. Immortality (The Elenium Derivative)
    6. Will Eddings write more on Sparhawk and the gang?


    1. Will anyone here be offended if I choose a character's name as my alias?
    2. Are there any rules on this newsgroup?
    3. Any special features I should watch for?
    4. Who the heck is Celine and what does she have to do with Eddings?

  3. Eddings Resources
    1. alt.fan.eddings newsgroup
    2. IRC #eddings
    3. Web pages
    4. The Recommended Fantasy Author List

  4. Credits and Thanks

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The original HTML version was created and is maintained by:
Kamion (kamion@earthling.net).
This version is individually rewritten by Jakob Persson for use at this website

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