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'What separates the grown-up authors from the boys is the quality of the writing and David Eddings is one of the best'

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June 2nd, 2009

It is with deep sadness I bring you the news that today David Eddings left us at the mere age of 77.

Full story at Guardian Books

Jakob Persson, site owner since 1997

A Time Capsule

Welcome to this tribute website to David and Leigh Eddings. It began as a small project in 1997 when I started learning HTML and building websites. From there it grew. These pages have remained more or less the same since the early '00s with their outdated code, stilted writing and all. They're a time capsule of sorts. A document to what the web was before Facebook and Youtube. Back then, we spent our days discussing fantasy books on online forums and Usenet, mostly because there weren't any silly cats doing stunts on camera. Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll have fun browsing this collection of Eddings memes and trivia. Just don't hold your breath for any updates.

- Jakob Persson (site founder) on January 31st, 2020

   Welcome to Jack's David & Leigh Eddings web site, dedicated to two of the world's greatest fantasy authors; David Eddings and his wife Leigh.

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The 17th of September 2002:

A new fantasy by Eddings!

Good news all! One of our forum members, good old Sparhawk found this information at Amazon.co.uk.
This sounds marvelous and innovative but also deep and intricate enough to rival the works of Jordan and Tolkien!

A brand new fantasy series, set in an entirely new world, from bestselling authors David and Leigh Eddings. The Dreamers are children teetering on the brink of divinity. They have the power to change the world with their dreams. But they only look like children. They are, actually, sleeping gods. The Dreamers are an apparition designed to fool the Lord of the Wasteland, an enemy of no specific gender who plans to use the moment of the divinities' waking to destroy them. At that moment, he can do it, but no other. If he gets it right, the Lord of the Wasteland can destroy both the sleepers and the other divinities that are already awake. There are eight divinities altogether, and four of them are awake while the other four sleep for alternating periods of 25,000 years. The time for a switchover is approaching fast. There will be battle. There will be trickery and deception. Tribes of humans, creatures of the deep, the sea itself and the earth, the weather and the mood of the divinities, all will play their part in the epic struggle against the hive mentality of the Lord of the Wasteland. But the world is out of kilter, it is being dreamed, and the awakening of gods is no simple transition.
The book will be published by Voyager on 15th July 2003. BE PREPARED!

Discuss it here. »»»

The 18th of February 2002:

New book: Regina's Song

The publication date for Eddings's new novel, Regina's Song, has been set to June for the American edition (DelRey) and August for the UK edition (HarperCollins).

Regina's Song promises to be an attempt to break new territory for David & Leigh Eddings whose previous novels have all been fantasies. David Eddings has written two non-fantasies but this is the first non-fantasy written in companionship with his wife Leigh.

Except from an interview with David & Leigh:
DR: What's next for the Eddingses?

DE: We are currently spending quite a bit of time with Joan the Ripper.

DR: I'm almost afraid to ask who that is.

DE: Joan the Ripper (a descendant of Jack the Ripper) appears in Regnia's Song, our next book. It is not a fantasy but rather a contemporary thriller set in Seattle. Since we habitually take on the impossible, we thought that a sympathetic serial killer might be sort of a switch.

From the cover blurb: ...Twins Regina and Renata are so identical that even their mother can’t tell them apart. Eerily attuned to one another, they often speak together in a secret language no one else can understand. Then tragedy strikes when one of the twins is viciously murdered. The remaining twin is so traumatized, she reverts to the cryptic language she once shared with her sister. What’s more, since identical twins share identical DNA, there is no way to tell which girl was the victim. The parents believe the surviving twin is Renata and have no choice but to commit her to an institution. There she lives, incomprehensible to the rest of the world. Until the day Mark, a family friend, comes to visit and the young girl utters her first intelligible word...

This sounds promising. A psychological thriller by Eddings.Only four more months to go...

You can already preorder this book at Amazon.com and we also have a topic on it in the forums.


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General Info

15th of Aug 2003: Welcome back! We just got the site up and running, the news are dated, we will get back with more info the new book: The Dreamers, very soon.

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Do you know of ANY possible way to contact David or Leigh Eddings?

(This was quoted from the alt.fan.eddings FAQ).
If you want to contact him, you need to write a genuine, pen-and-paper letter, and send it care of his publisher, Del Rey Books. Address it as follows:

David Eddings
c/o Del Rey Books
201 E. 50th St.
New York, NY 10022

I recommend using the two-envelope method: Write your letter, seal it into a stamped envelope with "David Eddings" written on the front, BUT NO ADDRESS.
Then insert that into another envelope and mail it off to Del Rey Books. They'll forward it. If you want a reply, you'll be a lot more likely to get one if you include a self-
addressed, stamped envelope.


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