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The World of the Elenium and the Tamuli

The World Maps - Elenium and Tamuli

The Gods
1. AphraelA lot of people. Sephrenia is her high priestess.
2 to 1000. 999 other young Styric Gods999 gods. Don't ask for the names.
1001. GhnombThe Troll God of hunger.
1002. GhworgThe Troll God of death.
1003. SchleeThe Troll God of ice.
1004. KhwajThe Troll God of fire.
1005. ZokaThe Troll God of fertility.
1006. The tedious Elene GodElenes.
1007. CyrgonCyrgai and Cynesgans.
1008. EdaemusDelphae/Shining Ones.
1009. The Atan GodAtans.
1010. The Tamul GodsThe rest of the Tamuls.
1011. AzashZemochs.

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