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Donald Hawkey
Donald sent me his copy of Polgara the Sorceress (published by Del Rey Books). Thanks a lot!

Thanks to Lexie and all other people who have helped me with all those Elenium and Tamuli gods.

A lot of the stuff that you can find here is originally created by Kamion. Kamion has also helped writing the JavaScripts on this site. He has also written his own Java-tutorial that is very good.

Adara's contributions are the YKYRTMEWs. Thanks.

Zith (Gillian Howe)
Zith sent me one of my favorite quotes. That part of the Belgariad when Silk kicks Brill over the battlements of Rak Cthol.

Thierry Coutelier
It's Thierry's efforts of scanning all the maps that have made it possible for me to offer you zoomed versions of the maps from the Belgariad/Malloreon series. You can view these maps at my Belgariad/Malloreon World page.

David & Leigh Eddings
Thanks to Eddings for writing these books. If they hadn't, this page would never have existed.

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