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Issue 3 - 30th of December 1999

NEWS :- Eddings' next book...
QUESTION:- How to contact David Eddings?
UPDATES:- Not much this time



I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays.
I hope you look forward to the next Millennium as much as I do. I believe we all look forward to the new series by Eddings which will be published in year 2000.
Apart from that, the web site will soon have a new look and style which I plan to finish in early 2000. It will then more than ever serve as a meeting point and community center for Eddings fans.

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Happy New Year,

Jakob Persson
- editor



~ N E W S ~

Eddings' next book

Del Rey has (finally) announced the title and date of publication of Eddings' next book. This is an excerpt from the Del Rey Internet Newsletter:

A new stand-alone fantasy by David and Leigh Eddings will be published in hardcover November 2000. The title is THE REDEMPTION OF ALTHALUS.


~ Q U E S T I O N ~

I have a question. Do you know of ANY possible way to contact David or Leigh Eddings?

(This was quoted from the alt.fan.eddings-FAQ:)

If you want to contact him, you need to write a genuine, pen-and-paper letter, and send it care of his publisher, Del Rey Books. Address it as follows:

David Eddings
c/o Del Rey Books
201 E. 50th St.
New York, NY 10022

I recommend using the two-envelope method: Write your letter, seal it into a stamped envelope with "David Eddings" written on the front, BUT NO ADDRESS.
Then insert that into another envelope and mail it off to Del Rey Books. They'll forward it. If you want a reply, you'll be a lot more likely to get one if you include a self-
addressed, stamped envelope.

Have more questions? Check the alt.fan.eddings FAQ.

Or email me and maybe your question will be answered in the next issue of this newsletter.


~ U P D A T E S ~

There have been some additions and updates made to the web site. These are the ones made on September 6th 1999:


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~ N E W S L E T T E R ~
Issue 3 - 30th of December 1999