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Issue 2 - 18th of November 1999

ARTICLE :- Personalize your email messages.
QUESTION:- A lot of them this time...
UPDATES:- More quotes, music, newsletter archive...


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Jakob Persson
- editor and webmaster


~ A R T I C L E ~

Do you think your email messages look ugly and impersonal? It's not hard to fix and it won't take more than five minutes...does it sound like an advertisement for a new exercise machine? Sorry to disappoint you but it's not...

PERSONALIZING YOUR EMAIL MESSAGES is really easy and fun too. As you might have noticed most people have a small tag (its real name is signature) in the end of their email messages which may contain information about what they work with, phone numbers, contact address and sometimes also a funny or clever quote. This gives a personal touch to the email messages and it's not hard to do at all. So if you're an Eddings fan why not create your own personal email signature with your favorite Eddings quote?

WHAT YOU MUST DO FIRST is to write the text . The easiest way to do this is to use a text-editor (e.g. Windows Notepad). Don't make the signature too wide (max 40 characters) as most email software can only show text at that maximum width without line breaking it (line broken signatures are really ugly).

Here's a sample signature:

Jakob Persson                  jakob.persson@iname.com
a.k.a. Kail                http://eddings.web-page.net
"What was that?" Belgarath asked, coming back around the corner.
"Brill," Silk replied blandly, pulling his Murgo robe back on.
"/Again?/" Belgarath demanded with exasperation. "What was he doing this time?"
"Trying to fly, last time I saw him." Silk smirked

The signature above is a bit too long, it should be maximum four lines. But that's just rule of thumb so it's up to you to decide. Also try to avoid using long quotes or use only a part of the quote (as seen above). Eddings-quotes can be found on the quotes-page at Jack's David & Leigh Eddings Site (or if you don't want to use an Eddings-quote there are lots of them available at ToInspire.com, there are also lots of email signatures available for free at Siglets.com).
Next step is to save your file as a raw text file, possibly with file extension .txt.

WHEN YOU'VE CREATED YOUR SIGNATURE it's time to configure your email software. Refer to the help files of your email software for information on how to use your signature.
In Netscape select Edit-->Preferences and double-click on Email and newsgroups and then on Identity. Beside the field Signature file click Browse to find the file with your signature.
If you are using Hotmail or any other web-based email service you can often write your own signature by changing your options. Refer to online help of your email service for further info.

Good Luck!


~ Q U E S T I O N ~

Do Beldin and Vella stay as hawks for the rest of their lives or are they going to change into other creatures?
Sorry, no answer to this one since nothing is said in the books about Beldin's and Vella's destinies so it's entirely up to the reader to decide it.

Do Beldin and Vella ever visit or just go off to never be seen again?
Same answer as above.

If the prophecy is off to work in another galaxy, why are there still disciples and their long-spanned lives?
We know that the disciples were left when the prophecy had finished its task however we do not know whether they still are "immortal" and still have long-spanned lives. This is not told in the books.
If this is the case some interesting questions arise concerning the Rivan royal family. Examples are:

  • Will Belgarion's son never become the king or will Belgarion hand over the crown when his son is old enough?
  • Will Belgarion and Ce'Nedra live differently long lives?

Who was the eldest to youngest Gods?
We do not know exactly but we know that UL is the father of the other Gods, therefore is UL the eldest God, in contrast to Eriond who is the youngest .

Whose colors were whose?
I have compiled a list of the Gods and their respective peoples and colors. It's available at the Eddings web site and can be found by clicking the 'Worlds' button and proceeding to the Belgariad/Malloreon world page..

Does Zedar ever get out of that rock?
He never does. Somewhere
in a dialog in one of the books Belgarath comments and defends this action. Unfortunately I have not been able to find it again. If you know please quote it and email it to me, thanks.

If you have a question email it to me and perhaps your question will be answered in the next issue of the newsletter.


~ U P D A T E S ~

There have been some additions and updates made to the web site. These are the ones made on October 18th 1999:

  • QUOTES - The number of quotes continues to soar. See if you can find your favorite quote for your personal email signature (visit the Eddings web site and click the 'Quotes'-button).

  • MUSIC - As some of the people who visit the web site regularly might have noticed I removed the background music from the web site some time ago. But now it's back, completely remade as a "jukebox" which is shown in a separate browser window and with ten different MIDI songs to choose among (visit the Eddings web site and click the 'Music'- button).
    If you think there's a song that would fit the Eddings web site perfectly, don't hesitate to email me.
    (In order to be able to listen to the background music your computer must be equipped with a sound card and your web browser must support JavaScript 1.1 or later (supported by Netscape 3+, Internet Explorer 4+). You must also have a MIDI audio plugin installed. If not the browser will show an error message and will suggest you to download a plugin.)

  • NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE - From this page you can subscribe, unsubscribe and also read previous issues of the newsletter.

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~ N E W S L E T T E R ~
Issue 2 - 18th of November 1999