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Issue 1 - 6th of September 1999

ARTICLE :- What about Eddings' next book?
QUESTION:- Bel/Pol, what does it mean?
UPDATES:- quotes, new poll, new main page design


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~ N E W S ~

Many people email me and ask whether Eddings will continue with their very popular Belgariad/Malloreon and Elenium/Tamuli series or start up something entirely new.
To us who are great fans of Garion and Sparhawk, the answer is a bit disappointing as Eddings will not continue these series; they will start something completely different. Something that seems to be a new fresh idea in the fantasy genre where most books are generally seen quite similar (in terms of the very essence; a quest and a medieval world).

Not much has been revealed but in an interview in issue 55 of StarWatch (a British SF magazine), David Eddings said their new novel will take place in the beginning of the bronze age. This has never been done before in the fantasy genre and it will probably prove to be a major refreshing addition to a genre that has become a bit stagnant in the last few years.

I will keep you posted, so watch out for future info on this entirely new series.

If you wonder why Eddings won't proceed with their previous series (yes, there is a good explanation and some fairly working arguments too :-)) go to the web site and click the news-button, where you can find his answer to this question.


~ Q U E S T I O N ~

Polgara starts with Pol, but her sister, Beldaran (also a girl), starts with Bel. Why?

(This was quoted from the alt.fan.eddings-FAQ:)

K. What is this Bel/Pol prefix business?
-cont. by Donal Fellows with parenthetical commentary by Amy Sheldon

`Bel' and `Pol' both mean beloved and nothing more. It's just that `Bel' is the male form and `Pol' is the female form. Beldaran is an anomaly, but languages (especially English) are full of them, so you'd better get used to it...

(NOWHERE in either the Belgariad or Malloreon does it state that 'Bel' or 'Pol' means disciple. Aldur added it to his original disciples' names, presumably as a sign that they were his "beloved disciples", but simply adding 'Bel' to a name no more makes a character Aldur's disciple then adding 'Fido' to your name would make you into a dog.)

Have more questions? Check the alt.fan.eddings FAQ.

Or email me and maybe your question will be answered in the next issue of this newsletter.


~ U P D A T E S ~

There have been some additions and updates made to the web site. These are the ones made on September 6th 1999:

  • QUOTES - Thanks to all devoted fans out there who have sent me loads of quotes, there are now 6 new quotes to the quotes page which now is extended to two pages. Interesting is that almost all people notice, like and remember the same quotes; one good example is the classical "does boucing count?"-quote. So go there and see if some of your favorite quotes have been added (visit the web site and click the quotes-button).

  • NEW POLL - A new poll has been added; the question is whether Polgara or Belgarath would win if both were running for president, or will Silk, the famous cheater, win? Head over there and post your opinion.
    The results of the previous poll have been posted to the main page. The questions was about which series that you preferred, not surprisingly most people voted for the Belgariad.
    I will soon set up a page with poll archives, this will probably be a part of next update but I can't promise anything yet.

  • MAIN PAGE REDESIGNED - As you might have noticed the main page has been slightly redesigned.
    I hope this will improve the navigation at the web site.

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Issue 1 - 6th of September 1999