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You Know You Read Too Much Eddings When...

You Know You Read Too Much Eddings When...

    Here are some of the reasons:

  1. You start naming your pets after the characters.
  2. You start naming your children after the characters.
  3. You paint a round rock "the size of a child's heart" blue, and warn family members that only you can touch it.
  4. You wonder why Silk lied about his age in King of the Murgos.
  5. You spend an hour after reading each of the following: the Belgariad, the Malloreon, Belgarath the Sorcerer, and Polgara the Sorceress, to calculate each character's age.
  6. You recorded each year the characters were born.
  7. Your mom faints after seeing that your beautiful black hair now sports a white lock just above your left brow.
  8. You hand sew little medieval costumes, and steal your little sisters Barbies, so you now have all the characters sitting on the top of your bookshelf.
  9. You wonder why Barak's son Unrak was growing a beard at age 9.
  10. For Halloween you dress up as one of the characters in one of the many books.
  11. You gather your Will right before the artificial volcanoe in Las Vegas erupts and pretend to be Polgara distracting the Gromlins.
  12. You write a six page report on the Will and the Word for your English term paper.
  13. You start thinking ~Well they made Xena Warrior Princess, how would MGM feel about Polgara the Sorceress!~
  14. You realize that Star Wars was a great series of movies that will be getting prequels so the Bel/Mal and it's prequels will be a great success.
  15. You watch hundreds of Discovery Channel specials on Wolves in order to memorize all of their physical characteristics--- and then prepare to change form.
  16. You see someone that you've been avoiding, and you try to put them to sleep with your Will so you could sneak past.
  17. You learn to play a set of shepards pipes.
  18. Your mother threatens to confiscate all of your Eddings books if you sigh and ask "Why me?" just one more time.
  19. You take sign language courses in order to be more like Silk.
  20. You spend the day comparing a world map to the world map in the begining of Belgarath in hopes to find similarities.
  21. You petition to have your hometown renamed Cimmura.
  22. You insist on calling your uncle, who owns a farm, Faldor.
  23. Your boyfriend dumps you after getting fed up with you always talking about someone named Berit.
  24. You and your other Eddings fan friends debate on who would win in a fight between Garion and Sparhawk.
  25. You grow your short black hair down to your shoulders, and take fencing lessons, in hopes of becoming more like Sarabian.
  26. You are the proud owner of the original 1984 release of the Belgariad: part one.
  27. You buy both the hard cover and the paperback release of every book.
  28. You start to celebrate Erastide.
  29. You try to get into fights so you'll break your nose and look more like Sparhawk.
  30. You start calling everyone 'neighbor'.
  31. You ditch school one day and try to find your town's version of Platime.
  32. You realize that everyone of the titles in the Malloreon has 'of' in it.
  33. You find the references to gemstones in the titles of the Elenium funny.
  34. You get grounded for calling your mom 'little mother' constantly.
  35. The guy named Garion at your school is scared of you because you keep telling him that there already is a wife chosen for him.
  36. You spend hours walking back and forth trying to perfect the swishing of your hips.
  37. You are scared of orange lava lamps because it makes you think of the Sardinion.
  38. You wonder if Liselle and Silk will have a boy or a girl.
  39. You know for a fact that David Eddings, and not Leigh, created the Gods' names.
  40. You hunt all the candle stores near you looking for a blue rose shaped one.
  41. You start calling your grandfather "Old Wolf".
  42. You pick your online handle and passwords from Eddings books.
  43. You realize that every single Nyissan name has the letters in the name "Issa" in them.
  44. You finish a series and start to miss the characters.
  45. When you find yourself bellowing "Torak's Teeth" at the top of your lungs when something really ticks you off.
  46. You dig through all the books of the Bel./Mal. so that you can compile a complete copy of the Mrin Codex and try to understand the Prophecy and figure out the future.
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