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  1. Biographical Information
  2. Bibliography
    1. Titles (includes U.S. and British ISBNs, and U.S. Publishers)
    2. German Titles
    3. Finnish Titles
    4. French Titles
    5. Swedish Titles
    6. Italian Titles
  3. Miscellaneous Information
    1. Omnibus Editions
    2. The Losers: Copyright date vs. creation date
    3. Where to Write to David Eddings

    From Contemporary Authors: New Revision Series, Volume 35.


    Born July 7, 1931, in Spokane, Washington;
    son of George Wayne and Theone (Berge) Eddings;
    married Judith Leigh Schall, October 27, 1962.
    Attended Everett Junior College, 1950-52;
    Reed College, B.A., 1954;
    University of Washington, Seattle, M.A., 1961.
    Politics: "Unaffiliated."
    Religion: "Unaffiliated."


    Has worked as a buyer for Boeing Co., as a grocery clerk, and as a college English teacher.
    Military Service: U.S. Army, 1954-56.

    From the back dust jacket flap of Belgarath the Sorcerer (published 1995).

    David Eddings was born in Spokane, Washington in 1931 and was raised in the Puget Sound area north of Seattle. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, in 1954 and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Washington in 1961. He has served in the United State Army, has worked as a buyer for the Boeing Company, has been a grocery clerk, and has taught college English. He has lived in many parts of the United States.

    His first novel, High Hunt (published by Putnam in 1973), was a contemporary adventure story. The field of fantasy has always been of interest to him, however, and he turned to The Belgariad in an effort to develop certain technical and philosophical ideas concerning the genre.

    Eddings and his wife Leigh currently reside in the Southwest, where they work together on their bestselling fantasy epics.


    Note: Publisher listed is for U.S. editions.
    "hc" = hardcover, "pb" = paperback.

    "The Belgariad"

    • Pawn of Prophecy (1982) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-30997-9 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-593-02616-0 (hc) 0-552-12284-X (pb)
    • Queen of Sorcery (1982) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-30079-3 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-593-02629-2 (hc) 0-552-12348-X (pb)
    • Magician's Gambit (1983) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-33545-7 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-552-12382-X (pb)
    • Castle of Wizardry (1984) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-33570-8 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-593-02635-7 (hc) 0-552-12435-4 (pb)
    • Enchanter's Endgame (1984) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-33871-5 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-593-02638-1 (hc) 0-552-12447-8 (pb)

    Eddings' first fantasy series. About the adventures of a young boy, Garion, as he grows to realize his amazing destiny. With his Aunt Pol and Grandfather, he must travel through the Kingdoms of the Alorns and Angaraks, making new friends and overcome deadly enemies.

    • The Belgariad: Part 1 (c)1982,83 - published 1995, Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-40004-6 (hc)
    • The Belgariad: Part 2 (c)1984 - may be forthcoming but no date yet, Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN ?

    Two-volume hardcover omnibus reprint of the five volumes of the Belgariad. Part One contains the first three books, Part Two will contain the final two.

    "The Malloreon"

    • Guardians of the West (1987) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-33000-5 (hc) 0-345-35266-1 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-593-01195-3 (hc) 0-593-01561-4 (pb)
    • King of the Murgos (1988) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-33002-1 (hc) 0-345-35880-5 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-593-01562-2 (hc) 0-552-13018-4 (pb)
    • Demon Lord of Karanda (1988) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-33004-8 (hc) 0-345-36331-0 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-593-01210-1 (hc) 0-593-01563-0 (pb)
    • The Sorceress of Darshiva (1989) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-33005-6 (hc) 0-345-36935-1 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-593-01204-6 (hc) 0-552-13020-6 (pb)
    • The Seeress of Kell (1991) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-33006-4 (hc) 0-345-37759-1 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-593-01207-0 (hc) 0-552-13021-4 (pb)

    Sequel to the Belgariad. Ten years after the events of the Belgariad, King Belgarion's son is abducted by dark forces. Belgarion and his companions must recover the child before disaster occurs.

    • Belgarath the Sorcerer (1995) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-37324-3 (hc) 0-345-40395-9 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-246-13845-9 (hc)
    • Polgara the Sorceress (forthcoming Fall '97) Del Rey

    A pair of prequels to the Belgariad and Malloreon series. The books are presented as narratives by the title characters.

    "The Elenium"

    • The Diamond Throne (1989) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-35691-8 (hc) 0-345-36769-3 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-246-13345-7 (hc) 0-586-20372-9 (pb)
    • The Ruby Knight (1990) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-37043-0 (hc) 0-345-37352-9 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-246-13731-2 (hc) 0-586-20373-7 (pb)
    • The Sapphire Rose (1991) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-37474-6 (hc) 0-345-37472-X (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-246-13347-3 (hc) 0-586-20374-5 (pb)

    Fantasy series set in a new world. The church knight, Sparhawk, returns to his home to find his Queen dying, and sets out to save her life, and overcome the evil plots of a corrupt and powerful church Primate.

    "The Tamuli"

    • Domes of Fire (1992) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-38327-3 (hc) 0-345-37321-9 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-586-21313-9 (hc) 0-586-21858-0 (pb)
    • The Shining Ones (1993) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-37322-7 (hc) 0-345-38866-6 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-246-13846-7(hc) 0-586-21316-3 (pb)
    • The Hidden City (1994) Del Rey
      • U.S. ISBN 0-345-37323-5 (hc) 0-345-39040-7 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-246-13847-5 (hc) 0-586-21317-1 (pb)

    Sequel series to the Elenium. Prince Sparhawk answers a plea from the Tamul Empire to help them oppose dark magic and learns more about his unique connection to the Bhelliom.

    Novels (non-fantasy)

    • High Hunt (1973) Putnam

      The original hardcover is long out of print. In 1992, Del Rey reprinted it in paperback - U.S. ISBN 0-345-32887-6

      A sort of middle-aged rite of passage novel. GI returns from Germany and goes on a mountain hunting trip with his older brother and a group of mismatched guys. Tensions arise.

    • The Losers (1992) Fawcett Columbine (hc), Del Rey (pb)
      • U.S. ISBN 0-449-90719-8 (hc) 0-345-38520-9 (pb)
      • British ISBN 0-002-24138-2 (hc) 0-586-21759-2 (pb)

      Dark tale of Raphael, the college football star who, after a tragic accident takes up residence in 'Welfare City' in Spokane. He observes the activities of his 'loser' neighbors and fights off predatory social workers, until the arrival of his college roommate puts a match to the powder keg.

    German Titles

    The following was posted by Daniel Peters, who then immediately left Hamburg for several months in Florence. So he has no idea that he is now part of a FAQ.

    "I just happened to find this list of the German titles of the Belgariad and Malloreon-Saga. As it is, I read them all in German and in the "Bastei-Luebbe" version. The Knaur-Books are not available for years. [Bastei-Luebbe and Knaur are German publishing companies - ed.]"

    • Die Prophezeiung des Bauern (Knaur)
      Kind der Prophezeiung (Bastei)

    • Die Zaubermacht der Dame (Knaur)
      Zauber der Schlange (Bastei)

    • Gambit der Magier (Knaur)
      Spiel der Magier (Bastei)

    • Turm der Hexerei (Knaur)
      Turm der Hexer (Bastei)

    • Verwunschenes Endspiel (Knaur)
      Duell der Zauberer (Bastei)

    "The titles of the Malloreon are the same for the old Knaur and new Bastei versions."


    • Die Herren des Westens
    • König der Murgos
    • Der Dämon von Karanda
    • Zauberin von Darshiva
    • Seherin von Kell

    Denis Aumueller provided the following titles, all published by Bastei-Luebbe.

    • Der Thron im Diamant
    • Der Ritter vom Rubin
    • Die Rose aus Saphir


    • Die schimmernde Stadt
    • Das leuchtende Volk
    • Das verborgene Land

    Finnish Titles

    Eddings has also been translated into Finnish, and Arto Repola provided the Finnish versions.


    • Kiven vartija (Pawn of Prophecy)
    • Ennustusten aika (Queen of Sorcery)
    • Velhojen taistelu (Magician's Gambit)
    • Rivan kuningatar (Castle of Wizardry)
    • Kohtalon tayttymys (Enchanter's Endgame)


    • Lannen vartijat (Guardians of the West)
    • Murgojen kuningas (King of the Murgos)
    • Karandan paholaisherra (Demon Lord of Karanda)
    • Darshivan velhotar (The Sorceress of Darshiva)
    • Kellin nakijatar (The Seeress of Kell)


    • Timanttivaltaistuin (The Diamond Throne)
    • Rubiiniritari (The Ruby Knight)
    • Safiiriruusu (The Sapphire Rose)


    • Tulikupolit (Domes of Fire)

    French Titles

    Francis Cornet provided the French titles for both the Belgariad and Malloreon, as well as the Elenium and the Tamuli. He also provided ISBNs and publishing information.


    • Le Pion blanc des présages (Pawn of Prophecy)
    • La Reine des sortilèges (Queen of Sorcery)
    • Le Gambit du magicien (Magician's Gambit)
    • La Tour des maléfices (Castle of Wizardry)
    • La Fin de partie de l'enchanteur (Enchanter's Endgame)


    • Les Gardiens du Ponant (Guardians of the West)
    • Le Roi des Murgos (King of the Murgos)
    • Le Démon majeur de Karanda (Demon Lord of Karanda)
    • La Sorcière de Darshiva (The Sorceress of Darshiva)
    • La Sybille de Kell (The Seeress of Kell)


    • Le trône de diamant (The Diamond Throne)
    • Le chevalier de rubis (The Ruby Knight)
    • La rose de saphir (The Sapphire Rose)

    TAMULI (only the first book has been translated so far)

    • Les dômes de feu (Domes of Fire)

    Swedish Titles

    Patrik Montgomery sent the Swedish titles. Unfortunately, Sweden uses letters with funky little accent marks above them that can't be read by my cheap e-mail software. An "*" replaces those characters that didn't appear properly on my screen. Hopefully, those of you who read Swedish can figure out what they are supposed to be.


    • Stenens v*ktare (Pawn of Prophecy)
    • Profetians tid (Queen of Sorcery)
    • Besv*rjarnas kamp (Magician's Gambit)
    • Rivas drottning (Castle of Wizardry)
    • *dets Fullbordan (Enchanter's Endgame)


    • Belgarions son (Guardians of the West)
    • Murgoernas kung (King of the Murgos)
    • Demonen i Karanda (Demon Lord of Karanda)
    • I Zandramas sp*r (The Sorceress of Darshiva)
    • Sierskan from Kell (The Seeress of Kell)

    Italian Titles

    And Eddings has been translated into Italian! Thanks to Marcello Manicardi for the titles. He notes that "Malloreon" is written as "Mallorean" in the Italian editions, and that "Elene" has an accent mark over the second "e".

    LA SAGA DEL BELGARIAD (published by Editrice Nord)

    • Il Segno della Profezia
    • La Regina della Magia
    • La Valle di Aldur
    • Il Castello Incantato
    • La Fine del Gioco


    • I Guardiani della Luce
    • Il Re dei Murgos
    • Il Signore dei Demoni
    • La Maga di Darshiva
    • La Profetessa di Kell


    • Il Trono di Diamante
    • Il Cavaliere del Rubino
    • La Rosa di Zaffiro


    • Le Volte di Fuoco
    • I Demoni della Luce
    • La Citto dell Nulla


    The Belgariad was published in the U.S. as a set of original paperbacks - the only hardcover edition available prior to 1995 was a two-volume omnibus from the Science Fiction Book Club. In 1995, The Belgariad Part One, was published by Del Rey in hardcover. The Belgariad Part Two should have come out in late 1996, but the publication has been delayed. All of the British editions of Eddings' work have come out in both hardcover and paperback versions.

    Eddings' two non-fantasy novels, High Hunt and The Losers, came out in a hardcover omnibus edition titled Two Complete Novels from Wings Publishing in 1993 (ISBN 0-517-11908-0).

    Despite the 1992 copyright date, The Losers is actually David Eddings' second book; it was written right after High Hunt in the mid-1970's. He wasn't able to get it published until he became a bestselling author of fantasies.


    David Eddings does not have an e-mail address and, according to everyone who has asked, has no intentions of getting one. If you want to contact him, you need to write a genuine, pen-and-paper letter, and send it care of his publisher, Del Rey Books. Address it as follows:
    David Eddings
    c/o Del Rey Books
    201 E. 50th St.
    New York, NY 10022
    I recommend using the two-envelope method: Write your letter, seal it into a stamped envelope with "David Eddings" written on the front, BUT NO ADDRESS. Then insert that into another envelope and mail it off to Del Rey Books. They'll forward it. If you want a reply, you'll be a lot more likely to get one if you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

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