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Chat times

Chat times have been decided to make it possible for as many people as possible to meet in the chat. You may, of course, use the chat at any other time but these are the times when most people will be there. Currently, the chat times are as follows:

Tuesdays 21.00 GMT 01.00 GMT
Thursdays 21.00 GMT 01.00 GMT

To find your local time zone and its relation to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), use the time zone calculator.

Important information about rules and conditions
The chat is owned and administrated by the site owner. His nickname is Kail.

There are a few rules for this chat:
  • No offensive comments or "flaming" is accepted. Don't start verbal fights. Try to be civilized.
  • No offensive nicknames.
  • Spreading of offensive and illegal material; including URLs to sites with criminal contents and/or pornography of any kind is prohibited.
  • You are responsible for whatever you do when using this chat.
    The owner of this chat is not responsible for any illegal actions or offensive comments caused or done by the users of this chat..

When joining the chat, you agree to follow the rules and conditions stated above.
Be aware of that you, and no one else, are responsible for all your actions.

Persons who are breaking these rules and conditions are immediately banned from the chat.

Do you agree to follow these rules and conditions?

I Agree
I Disagree

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