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This is a list of the characters mentioned in the Belgariad/Malloreon series. It's made by Kamion (Kamion's Eddings page: Guardians of the West). Please note that this is not the complete list. I'll try to update this page every time Kamion updates the original version.
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Kamion is also working on a similar list for the Elenium/Tamuli series.


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Dryad Grolim Mallorean Marag
Melcene Murgo Nadrak Nyissan
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Alorn (Algar) Adara

Algar cousin of Garion. Tall and beautiful with long, dark brown hair and calm, gray eyes. Married to Hettar.

Demon Agrinja

Demon "dreamt" by Silk and summoned by Belgarath to fight Horja, a demon summoned by a Morind magician.

Tolnedran Albor, Colonel

Horbite commander of the Eighty-Third Legion, a primarily ceremonial unit with its barracks inside the imperial palace at Tol Honeth.

Aldur Aldur - PoP, Prologue, p. 9

Eldest of the Seven Gods (colour: blue).
Aldur is benevolent, wise, and gentle; he lives in his Tower in the Vale of Aldur in southern Algaria. His disciples are (in chronological order): Belgarath, (Bel)zedar, Belkira and Beltira, Belmakor (deceased), Belsambar (deceased), Beldin, Poledra, Polgara, and (Bel)durnik.

See also Belar, Chaldan, Eriond, Issa, Mara, Nedra, Torak, and UL.

Alorn (Drasnian) Ambar of Kotu

See Silk.

Arend (Mimbrate) Andorig, Sir, Baron of Vo Enderig

Sceptical Mimbrate knight at Vo Mimbre. Tends an apple tree created by Belgarath to convince him of the existence of sorcery.

"'I charge thee, Sir Knight, to care for this tree. It hath grown here to renew thy faith and trust. Thy debt to it must be paid with tender and loving attention to its needs. In time it will bear fruit, and thou wilt gather the fruit and give it freely to any who ask it of thee. For thy soul's sake, thou wilt refuse none, no matter how humble. As the tree gives freely, so shalt thou.'" (Belgarath, QoS, Part One (Arendia), Chapter Ten).

Alorn (Cherek) Anheg, King of Cherek

Brutish-looking yet highly intelligent and gentle Cherek monarch, who is an inveterate scholar. Married to Islena and cousin of Barak.

Arend (Mimbrate) Ariana, Lady

Mimbrate girl, younger sister of Baron Oltorain. Student of the healing arts. Married to Lelldorin.

Angarak (Grolim) Asharak

See Chamdar.


Alorn (Cherek) Barak, Earl of Trellheim
also known as: The Dreadful Bear.

Huge, red-bearded Cherek warrior and companion of Garion on the quest for the Orb. Known in the Mrin Codex as "The Dreadful Bear" due to the fact that he turns into a bear whenever Garion is in danger. Husband of Merel and father of Gundred, Terzie, and Unrak.

Belar, God of the Alorns Belar - PoP, Prologue, p. 9
also known as: The Bear God of the Alorns.

Youngest of the Seven Gods (colour: red?). His favourite occupations are carousing and making speeches (which, apparently, can go on for days ...). Often rash, but yet indecisive when it comes to choosing among his own people (see the problems he had choosing a leader of the Alorns when marching to the War of the Gods - Chaggat was only chosen when Belgarath persuaded him to let them cast lots).

See also Aldur, Chaldan, Eriond, Issa, Mara, Nedra, Torak, and UL.

Daughter of a Disciple of Aldur Beldaran - 1: daughter of Belgarath and Poledra - PoP, Prologue, p. 16

Born in the year 1897 A.C., Beldaran is the younger daughter of Belgarath the Sorcerer and his wife Poledra, and sister to Polgara the Sorceress. She married Riva in the year 1913, and became the mother of the line of Rivan Kings that ultimately led to Garion.

Alorn (Rivan) Beldaran - 2: daughter of Garion and Ce'Nedra

Beldaran is the first daughter and second child of Garion and Ce'Nedra, and was named after her distant ancestral mother.

Disciple of Aldur Beldin
also known as: Din;

Born somewhere from 1600-1000 B.C., Beldin is the third youngest of the Disciples of Aldur (the other two being Polgara and Durnik). Hideously ugly and often hair-raisingly foul-mouthed, he is, despite appearances, very gentle and extremely intelligent. He often takes the form of a blue-banded hawk, a species of his own devising.

"Princess Ce'Nedra had been riding beside Aunt Pol, her tiny face troubled. 'How can you stand him, Lady Polgara?' she burst out finally. 'He's so ugly.'
'Who's that, dear?'
'That awful dwarf.'
'Uncle Beldin?' Aunt Pol looked mildly surprised. 'He's always been like that. You have to get to know him, that's all.'
'But he says such terrible things to you.'
'It's the way he hides his real feelings,' Aunt Pol explained. 'He's a very gentle person, really, but people don't expect that - coming from him. When he was a child, his people drove him out because he was so deformed and hideous. When he finally came to the Vale, our Master saw past the ugliness to the beauty in his mind.'" (QoS, Part Three (Ulgo), Chapter Thirteen).

Disciple of Aldur Belgarath the Sorcerer - PoP, Prologue, p. 9
also known as: Garath;
Old Wolf;
Ancient One;
Ancient Belgarath;
Eternal Belgarath;
Beloved and Eternal.

Belgarath (originally known as Garath) is the first disciple of the God Aldur. Born about 2100 years before the cracking of the world, he is gifted with immunity to old age and (presumably) fatal illness due to his ability to perform sorcery. His natural form is that of a white-bearded old man of indeterminate race, but he is also fond of the form of a wolf, and occasionally takes the form of a falcon when speed is critical. He was the Child of Light in the EVENT that took place shortly before he recovered the Orb of Aldur from Cthol Mishrak, when Zedar was the Child of Dark. He has acted as guardian to much of the Western world since the Gods departed, and was responsible for ensuring that the people foretold by prophecy to take part in the final EVENTS came to be born. He is married to Poledra, and has twin children, Polgara, the elder, who also has the power of sorcery, and Beldaran, the younger, who was mortal. Beldaran married Riva and became the mother of the Rivan line, which ultimately led to Garion.

Alorn (Rivan) Belgarion

See Garion.

Disciples of Aldur Belkira and Beltira
also known as: Kira and Tira.

Gentle identical twin sorcerers with, to all intents and purposes, a single mind. Formerly Alorn shepherds, they became Disciples of Aldur sometime from 1600-1000 B.C. Since Belgarath discovered how the Darine Codex could be used as a map to the Mrin Codex, they have spent all their time studying the Prophecies.

"I don't think any of us have ever given full credit to the twins for their patient centuries of labor. That pair of gentle Alorn shepherds have been so vital to what the rest of us have done that in a rather special way, they've been our guides. We run around the world in response to what they discover. The Necessity usually doesn't bother to talk to us. It talks to the twins instead. They've worn out six or eight copies of the Mrin and the Darine over the years, and the Gods know that I wouldn't have had that kind of patience, and neither would Beldin. To this very day, if the twins told me to jump, I'd be about four feet up in the air before I even bothered to ask 'Which way?' That's probably what Aldur had in mind when he first sent for them. The Master's at least as much a slave to the Necessity as the rest of us are. That's why we're all here, I guess." (BtS, Part Six (Garion), Chapter Forty-Nine).

Arend (Asturian) Berentain

Young Asturian nobleman, cousin of Lelldorin and Torasin and nephew of Count Reldegen. Mimbrate sympathizer.

Arend (Mimbrate) Beridel, Sir

Young, curly-haired Mimbrate knight, the son of Sir Andorig.

Arend Berig

Former Arendish serf who fled from a lord who was about to hang him over a matter of a pig to live in a gold camp on the southern edge of Maragor.

Angarak (Nadrak) Besher

Gold-hunter who meets Silk and Garion in a tavern in Gar og Nadrak; recruited by the Malloreans after a fight with Varn.

Tolnedran Bethra

Tolnedran courtesan and employee of the Drasnian Intelligence Service, recruited by Javelin to act as Hunter and ensure that the successor to Ran Borune XXIII would be someone the Alorns could live with. Murdered on the orders of Baron Kelbor.

Tolnedran Brador, Count, Ambassador

Tolnedran ambassador to the court of King Fulrach and Queen Layla.

Alorn (Rivan) Bralon

See Verdan.

Alorn (Rivan) Brand - 1: first Warder of Riva

See Kamion.

Alorn (Rivan) Brand - 2: Warder of Riva at the Battle of Vo Mimbre

Brand was the Child of Light to Torak's Child of Dark at the Battle of Vo Mimbre, and was responsible for putting Torak into the comatose state in which he remained until his confrontation with Garion by thrusting his sword through Torak's head.

"In the name of Belar I defy thee, Torak. In the name of Aldur I cast my despite in thy teeth. Let the bloodshed be abated, and I will meet thee to decide the battle. I am Brand, Warder of Riva. Meet me or take thy stinking host away and come no more against the kingdoms of the West." (QoS, Prologue)

Alorn (Rivan) Brand - 3: Warder of Riva at the return of the Rivan King

The last Brand was physically strong yet highly intelligent, like all the Brands before him, and served Belgarion with unswerving loyalty until he was murdered by Cherek Bear-Cultists shortly before Geran's abduction by Zandramas. He had four sons: the eldest is called Bralon in the Belgariad and Verdan in the Malloreon; the other three are Kail, Brin, and Olban.

Sendar Brendig, Captain/Colonel/General

Sober Sendarian baronet, one of King Fulrach's most trusted advisors. Lost his left arm in the Battle of Thull Mardu.

Angarak (Murgo) Brill
also known as: Kordoch.

Elite Dagashi assassin sent to track Garion and his companions from Faldor's farm. Killed by Silk at Rak Cthol.


Dryad Ce'Nedra, Queen of Riva
also known as: Princess of Tolnedra;
Jewel of the House of Borune;
The Queen of the World;
Lady Sharell.

Ce'Nedra (written as X'Nedra by the Dryads) is the daughter of Ran Borune XXIII, Emperor of Tolnedra, and Ce'Vanne, a woman of Dryad ancestry. This Dryad ancestry bred true in Ce'Nedra, and so she is very small, with red hair and green eyes, while her Borune ancestry gave her the traits of wilfulness and stubbornness. Under the provisions of the Accords of Vo Mimbre, she was obliged to present herself in the Hall of the Rivan King in the Citadel of Riva as a bride to the Rivan King, should he return. When Garion lifted the Sword of the Rivan King, therefore, she became his betrothed, and they were married when Garion returned from the battle at Cthol Mishrak. She is the mother of Geran and Beldaran.

"A bronze door at the back of the garden slammed open, and a tiny girl with flaming hair stormed through, her eyes ablaze. At first Garion thought she was a child, but as she came closer, he realized that she was somewhat older than that. Although she was very small, the short, sleeveless green tunic she wore displayed limbs that were much closer to maturity. He felt a peculiar kind of shock when he saw her - almost, but not quite, like recognition. Her hair was a tumbled mass with long, elaborate curls cascading down over her neck and shoulders, and it was a color that Garion had never seen before, a deep, burnished red that seemed somehow to glow from within. Her skin was a golden color that seemed, as she swept through the shadows of the trees near the gate, to have an almost greenish cast to it. She was in a state verging on sheer rage." (QoS, Part Two (Tolnedra), Chapter Sixteen).

Chaldan, God of the Arends Chaldan - PoP, Prologue, p. 14
also known as: The Bull God of the Arends.

One of the Seven Gods (colour: can't remember, but possibly brown or yellow). "Proud" according to EEG, which would certainly seem to fit the racial character of his people, the Arends. Otherwise, we know very little about Chaldan. (N.B. Chaldan's name is misspelt several times as Chamdar.)

See also Aldur, Belar, Eriond, Issa, Mara, Nedra, Torak, and UL.

Angarak (Grolim) Chamdar
also known as: Asharak.

Pupil of Ctuchik and would-be disciple of Torak, Chamdar is arrogant and often overestimates his ability as a sorcerer (particularly when compared with Belgarath!), but is nevertheless extremely cunning and dangerous: for instance, he spent many years tracking down the hidden Rivan line, often eluding Belgarath's vigilance completely. He was killed by Garion in the young Godslayer's first conscious act of sorcery, in revenge for his murder of Garion's parents, Geran and Ildera.

Alorn (Cherek) Cherek Bear-Shoulders, King of Aloria - PoP, Prologue, p. 11

Last king of all Aloria. Born c. 1850, ascended throne c. 1870, died 1943. Father of Dras Bull-Neck, Algar Fleet-Foot, and Riva Iron-Grip. Accompanied Belgarath on the quest to recover the Orb from Cthol Mishrak in 1896.

Instrument of Prophecy Child of Dark

Like the Child of Light, the Child of Dark is more of a job than a character. He or she is the instrument of the Dark Prophecy during and in the period leading up to an EVENT (a confrontation between the two Necessities that fight for control of the universe). The Children of Dark we are told about are Torak, Zedar, Zandramas, and, finally, Geran.

Instrument of Prophecy Child of Light

Not a character as such, more of a job. The Child of Light is the instrument of the Good Necessity during and in the period leading up to an EVENT (a confrontation between the two Necessities that fight for control of the universe). The Children of Light we are told about are Belgarath, Brand, Poledra, possibly Polgara, Garion, and, finally, Eriond.

Alorn (Algar) Cho-Hag, King of Algaria

Chief of the Clan-Chiefs of Algaria at the time of the Belgariad/Malloreon. Adoptive father of Hettar. Crippled, but at least as good on a horse as any other Algar.

Angarak (Grolim) Ctuchik

First disciple of the God Torak and Master of Rak Cthol, Ctuchik was the de facto ruler of Cthol Murgos due to his absolute sway over the Grolims there. He destroyed himself by attempting to unmake the Orb while Belgarath was duelling with him in an attempt to retrieve the Orb and its Bearer, Errand, from Rak Cthol.

Dal Cyradis
also known as: The Seeress of Kell.

Cyradis is the member of the community of the Seers at Kell entrusted with the responsibility of making the CHOICE between the two Prophecies (Light and Dark). Like all the Seers, she wears a blindfold over her eyes so that she may better perceive the Book of the Heavens (the Seers' term for the information given to them by the two Prophecies), and so she has a guide, Toth, a mute, who guides her steps in the physical world. She marries Zakath at the end of the Malloreon (having removed her blindfold once her task is ended).


Alorn (Rivan) Delban

Rivan armourer, stubborn and direct. Makes Ce'Nedra's armour for her before her departure to the war with the Angaraks in Mishrak ac Thull.

Alorn (Drasnian) Delvor

Bald Drasnian merchant who doubles as an agent of the Drasnian Intelligence Service.

Arend (Mimbrate) Derigen, Sir, Baron

Mimbrate baron, defeated by Mandorallen while attempting to exercise his right to do battle on his neighbour, Baron Oltorain, for no particular reason.

Arend Detton

Arendish serf, later soldier at the Battle of Thull Mardu, where he was killed by a Mallorean arrow. Friend of Lammer, in whose arms he died.

Disciple of Aldur Din

See Beldin.

Sendar Doroon

Boyhood friend of Garion on Faldor's farm. Later moved to a farm on the other side of Winold, and eventually died when he drowned in the River Mardu at the Battle of Thull Mardu.

Tolnedran Dravor, Count

Tolnedran nobleman, virtually a prisoner to Nyissan drugs administered by his steward Y'diss.

Alorn (Drasnian) Droblek, Ambassador

Enormously fat Drasnian Ambassador to Sthiss Tor, and employee of the Drasnian Intelligence Service.

Angarak (Nadrak) Drosta lek Thun, King of Gar og Nadrak

Thin, pockmarked, lecherous King of the Nadraks, who has, despite all appearances, a surprisingly acute political mind. He much prefers to maintain good relations with the Alorns than with his fellow Angaraks, defecting to the West in the middle of the Battle of Thull Mardu.

Sendar Durnik
also known as: The Man with Two Lives.


Arend (Asturian) Elgon

Legendary Asturian hero. Held a hillock, later known as Elgon's tor, in central Arendia for a month against a Mimbrate army.

Tolnedran Elgon, Count

Tolnedran merchant, involved in the disputes over the succession to the Tolnedran throne after Ran Borune XXIII. His soldiers were responsible for the murder of Lembor.

Alorn (Cherek) Elteg

Cherek sailor, paid by Grinneg to take Garion and his companions from the mouth of the River of the Woods to Sthiss Tor while on the quest for the Orb, but replaced (somewhat against his will) by Greldik.

Alorn (Algar) Elvar

Archpriest of Belar in Algaria, and member of the Bear-Cult.

Arend (Mimbrate) Embrig, Sir

Distant nephew and heir of the Baron of Vo Ebor. Sir Embrig attempted to take immediate possession of his distant uncle's estates after the Baron's death, with complete disregard for the feelings of the Baron's widow, Nerina. Mandorallen and Lelldorin stepped in rather quickly on hearing that Embrig had promised Nerina's hand to one of his cronies, and King Korodullin eventually asked Garion to step in. Garion's rather spectacular solution to the problem did not exactly meet with Belgarath's approval ...

Eriond, New God of the Angaraks Eriond
also known as: Errand;
The Bearer of the Orb.

Known throughout the Belgariad as Errand, Eriond was the innocent used by Zedar to steal the Orb of Aldur from its resting place in the throne room at Riva. His birthplace is unknown. After the death of Torak, he returned to the Vale of Aldur to be fostered by Polgara and Durnik, where he spent most of his time with his equine friend Horse. Renamed Eriond by UL, he became one of Garion's companions on the quest for his son, at the end of which he became the Child of Light for the final EVENT and replaced Torak as the God of the Angaraks.

Eriond, New God of the Angaraks Errand

See Eriond.

Nyissan Essia

Consort to Queen Salmissra before the capture of Garion in Sthiss Tor, upon which he was killed by a snake on Salmissra's orders.


Disciple of Aldur Feldegast

See Beldin.

Sendar Ferna, Princess
also known as: Fernie.

Daughter of King Fulrach and Queen Layla; sister of, among others, Princess Gelda and Prince Meldig.

Sendar Fulrach, King of Sendaria

King of Sendaria during the Belgariad/Malloreon. Married to Layla; father of, among others, Gelda, Ferna, and Meldig.


Disciple of Aldur Garath

See Belgarath.

Alorn (Rivan) Gared, Prince

See Geran.

Alorn (Rivan) Garion
also known as: Belgarion, King of Riva;
Overlord of the West;
Lord of the Western Sea;
Child of Light;

Garion is the multiple-great-grandson of Belgarath the Sorcerer through his daughter Beldaran, and the heir to the throne of Riva, Beldaran's husband. Due to his ancestry, he is possessed of the power of sorcery, otherwise known as "the Will and the Word". He was the Child of Light (instrument of the Good Necessity) in the EVENT in the city of Cthol Mishrak that led to the death of the god Torak, and is generally an all-round good guy. He is married to Ce'Nedra, Princess of Tolnedra, and is the father of Geran and Beldaran.

Sendar Gelda, Princess

Daughter of King Fulrach and Queen Layla; sister of, among others, Princess Ferna and Prince Meldig.

Alorn (Drasnian) Geldahar

Fat, cross-eyed fur dealer in Boktor, to whom Silk sends Yarblek so that he can get into the palace to see Queen Porenn. Presumably a member of the Drasnian Intelligence Service.

Alorn (Rivan) Geran - 1: grandson of Gorek, King of Riva

Crown Prince of Riva when his grandfather Gorek, the Rivan King, was assassinated by the agents of Salmissra in the year 4001. Referred to in CoW as Prince Gared.

Alorn (Rivan) Geran - 2: father of Garion

Descendant of Belgarath and Riva and penultimate member of the hidden Rivan line: his only son, Garion or Belgarion, was the last. Murdered by Chamdar shortly after Garion's birth, together with his wife Ildera.

Alorn (Rivan) Geran - 3: son of Garion and Ce'Nedra
also known as: Crown Prince of Riva;
Child of Dark.

Son of Garion and Ce'Nedra, Crown Prince of Riva, future Guardian of the Orb, and Child of Dark during the final EVENT.

Angarak (Thull) Gethell, King of Mishrak ac Thull

Moronic and cowardly King of the Thulls. Succeeded by his son Nathel. Also written as Gethel.

"Have you talked with the Thulls about this?" Silk asked.
Drosta snorted with contempt. "What's the point? I've tried to explain this to King Gethell, but talking to him is like talking to a pile of manure. The Thulls are so afraid of the Grolims that all you have to do is mention Torak's name and they go all to pieces. Gethell's a Thull through and through. There's nothing between his ears but sand." (EEG, Part One (Gar og Nadrak), Chapter Five).

Alorn (Rivan) Gorek the Wise, King of Riva

Last King of Riva to occupy the throne before Garion. Assassinated, together with all his descendants but one, on the orders of Salmissra in the year 4002.

Ulgo Gorim

Name given to all the High Priests of UL after the first Gorim, who persuaded (OK, bullied) UL into taking the Ulgos as His people. (Incidentally, the name "Ulgo" derives from "UL-Go(rim)": "Henceforth shall you be called UL-Go in remembrance of me and in token of his holiness." (MG, Prologue).)

"The people who followed Gorim came with him to Prolgu. There they built a city. The Spirit of UL was with them, and they dwelt in peace with the creatures who had sustained Gorim. Gorim lived for many lifetimes; and after him, each High Priest of UL was named Gorim and lived to a great age. For a thousand years, the peace of UL was with them, and they believed it would last forever." (MG, Prologue).

Alorn (Cherek) Greldik, Captain

Cherek sailor, old friend of Barak, and habitual drunkard.

Alorn (Cherek) Grinneg, Ambassador

Cherek Ambassador to Tol Honeth during the reign of Ran Borune XXIII. Cousin of Barak.

Alorn (Cherek) Grodeg

High Priest of Belar during the Belgariad; Leader of the Bear-Cult. Nearly seven feet tall, with a long gray beard and bristling black eyebrows.

Eldrak Grul

Eldrak in the mountains of Ulgoland. Fearsome fighter, met first by Belgarath in the summer of 1896 while he was returning from setting up the Kingdom of Riva, and then killed by the party on the quest for the Orb.

Alorn (Cherek) Gundred

Elder daughter of Barak and Merel, with reddish-blond hair. Sister of Terzie and Unrak.


Tolnedran Haldor

Tolnedran merchant, member of the Council of Advisors, and Honethite supporter. Killed Radan by poisoning with athsat.

Arend (Mimbrate) Haldorin, Sir

Third cousin, twice removed, of Mandorallen. Knight in Baron Derigen's army.

Arend (Mimbrate) Helbergin, Sir

Mimbrate knight at Vo Mimbre. Vouched for Mandorallen when Sir Andorig was reluctant to accept who he was.

Alorn (Algar) Hettar
also known as: The Horse Lord.

Adopted son of King Cho-Hag of Algaria. His parents were killed by Murgo horse raiders when he was young, and he spent a large part of his adult life taking revenge on each and every Murgo he encountered. He accompanied Garion, Belgarath, and their companions on the quest for the Orb, and later married Adara, Garion's cousin. He is a Sha-Dar, a person with the ability to communicate with horses.

Demon Horja

Demon summoned by a confrontational, white-braided Morind magician of the Weasel Clan to fight Belgarath's demon, Agrinja. The magician came to regret summoning Horja when the demon escaped his control.

Horse Horse

In the cave where the Gods gathered when they were making the world, Garion used sorcery to breathe life into a stillborn colt. After his victory over Torak, he kept the young horse in the royal stables at Riva, but, when it became clear that it needed much more room, he gave it to the young Errand on one of the boy's visits. The stallion accompanied Eriond throughout Garion's quest for his son, and Eriond discovered that it was capable of a kind of translocation, stepping through some sort of limbo to cover vast distances extremely quickly. Horse later had something of an unusual career as the steed of a God after Eriond's elevation to divinity.


Alorn (Algar) Ildera

Algar wife of Geran and mother of Garion.

Alorn (Cherek) Islena, Queen of Cherek

Wife of King Anheg. Briefly connected with the Bear-Cult.

Issa, God of the Nyissans Issa
also known as: The Serpent God of the Nyissans.

One of the Seven Gods (colour: green). Torpid, and uninterested enough in the world to not realize that he had forgotten to confer immortality upon his High Priestess, Salmissra.

See also Aldur, Belar, Chaldan, Eriond, Mara, Nedra, Torak, and UL.

Nyissan Issus

Nyissan assassin employed variously by Salmissra and Sadi.



Emaciated chief of the Drasnian Intelligence Service, and one of the closest advisers of King Rhodar and Queen Porenn.

Tolnedran Jeebers

Tolnedran academic, tutor to the then Princess Ce'Nedra. Stuffy and arrogant until his brush with Imperial displeasure after Ce'Nedra's escape from the Imperial Palace at Tol Honeth, later rather diffident.

Alorn (Rivan) Joran

Rivan glassmaker, apprenticed to Torgan when Garion first meets him; later sets up business on his own after marrying Torgan's daughter. Helps Garion by keeping him up to date with public opinion in Riva.


Tolnedran Kador, Grand Duke of Tol Vordue

Vorduvian candidate to succeed Ran Borune XXIII, and favourite to succeed until he was arrested after attempting to kill Ce'Nedra. Controlled by Chamdar. Committed suicide with poison in the Imperial Dungeons.

Tolnedran Kalvor, Grand High Merchant

Horbite Grand High Merchant who meets Silk and the party on the quest for the Orb, and warns them against going to Rak Goska.

Alorn (Drasnian) Kharel, Count

Lean-faced Drasnian nobleman, a member of the Drasnian Intelligence Service. Reports on the Angarak military mobilization before the Alorn armies depart for Mishrak ac Thull.

Alorn (Drasnian) Kheldar, Prince

See Silk.

Alorn (Drasnian) Khendon, Margrave

See Javelin.

Alorn (Drasnian) Kheran, Margrave

Agent of the Drasnian Intelligence Service who meets Silk on the southern border of Maragor.

Alorn (Drasnian) Kheva, King of Drasnia

Son of King Rhodar II and Queen Porenn, Kheva proved to be a very capable monarch under his mother's tutelage; she was obliged to take up the regency of Drasnia after Rhodar's early death.

Disciple of Aldur Kira

See Belkira.

Angarak (Murgo) Kordoch

See Brill.

Arend (Mimbrate) Korodullin, King of Arendia

Hereditary name of all the Kings of Arendia since the unification of Arendia after the Battle of Vo Mimbre. The first Korodullin was the son of Duke Aldorigen of Mimbre. Married to Mayaserana.

Tolnedran Kragger

Tolnedran soldier in Elgon's garrison; responsible, among others, for the murder of Lembor.

Sendar Kroldor

Self-important robber on the northern border of Maragor.


Arend Lammer

Arendish serf, later soldier at the Battle of Thull Mardu. Friend of Detton.

Sendar Layla, Queen of Sendaria

Plump, motherly little wife of Fulrach. Terrified of sea travel. Mother of, among others, Gelda, Ferna, and Meldig.

Arend (Asturian) Lelldorin of Wildantor
also known as: The Archer.

Son of the Baron of Wildantor, Lelldorin is an impulsive, open young Asturian nobleman gifted with outstanding skill with the longbow. He was one of Garion's companions on the quest for the Orb. Married to Ariana.

"He was a young man dressed in yellow hose and a bright red jerkin. His fur-lined cloak was tossed back, and he had a long, curved bow slung over one shoulder and a well-sheathed sword at his opposite hip. His reddish-gold hair fell smoothly down his back from beneath a pointed cap with a feather rising from it. Although his song was grim and he sang it in a voice throbbing with passion, there was about his youthful face a kind of friendly openness that no amount of scowling could erase." (QoS, Part One (Arendia), Chapter One).

Tolnedran Lembor

Tolnedran merchant, killed by Kragger and other soldiers of Elgon's garrison during the disputes over the succession to the Tolnedran throne after Ran Borune XXIII.

Alorn (Drasnian) Liselle, Margravine

See Velvet.


Snake Maas

Green snake in Salmissra's palace in Sthiss Tor, closest confidant of Salmissra before its death on trying to remove Garion's amulet.

Arend (Mimbrate) Mandorallen, Sir, Baron of Vo Mandor
also known as: The Knight Protector.

Mandorallen is the paramount of all Mimbrate knights: he is invincible in battle, although he would sometimes appear to be too brave for his own good. He was one of Garion's companions on the quest for the Orb, and is sworn to protect Ce'Nedra with his life. Married to Nerina (after a certain amount of persuasion on Garion's part ...).

"'Your friend shows a remarkable lack of good sense,' Silk observed to Mister Wolf, wiping the rain from his face. 'Those things will turn on him any second now.'
'It probably hasn't occurred to him that he's in any danger,' Wolf replied. 'He's a Mimbrate, and they tend to think they're invincible.'" (QoS, Part One (Arendia), Chapter Six).

"Sir Mandorallen, Baron of Vo Mandor, was a man of slightly more than medium height. His hair was black and curly, his eyes were deep blue, and he had a resonant voice in which he expressed firmly held opinions. Garion did not like him. The knight's towering self-confidence, an egotism so pure that there was a kind of innocence about it, seemed to confirm the worst of Lelldorin's dark pronouncements about Mimbrates; and Mandorallen's extravagant courtesy to Aunt Pol struck Garion as beyond the bounds of proper civility." (QoS, Part One (Arendia), Chapter Seven).

Mara, God of the Marags Mara
also known as: The Weeping God of the Marags.

One of the Seven Gods (colour: don't know, possibly lavender). Wept for his slaughtered children from the time of the Tolnedran invasion of Maragor in the year 2115 until Taiba, the last of the Marags, was restored to him by Belgarath.

See also Aldur, Belar, Chaldan, Eriond, Issa, Nedra, Torak, and UL.

Arend (Asturian) Mayaserana, Queen of Arendia

Hereditary name of all the Queens of Arendia since the unification of Arendia after the Battle of Vo Mimbre. The first Mayaserana was the daughter of Duke Eldallan of Asturia. Married to Korodullin.

Sendar Meldig, Prince

Son and youngest child of King Fulrach and Queen Layla; brother of, among others, Princess Gelda and Princess Ferna.

Tolnedran Melgon, Count

Tolnedran Ambassador to Sthiss Tor under the reign of Ran Borune XXIII.

Tolnedran Mergon

Ambassador of the Tolnedran Empire to the Battle of Vo Mimbre, under the reign of Ran Borune IV.

Tolnedran Morin, Lord

High Chamberlain to Ran Borune XXIII.

Alorn (Drasnian) Mulger

Lanky, hard-eyed Drasnian merchant who accompanies Garion, Silk, and Belgarath into Gar og Nadrak. One of the few Drasnians who isn't a spy.


Angarak (Murgo) Nachak, Ambassador

Murgo Ambassador of Taur Urgas to Vo Mimbre. Attempted to persuade Lelldorin and Torasin, among other Asturians, to murder Korodullin, the King of Arendia. Killed by Hettar.

Nedra, God of the Tolnedrans Nedra
also known as: The Lion God of the Tolnedrans.

One of the Seven Gods (colour: don't know, possibly yellow (money)?). "The most secular of all the Gods", according to Belgarath (BtS). Like his people, the Tolnedrans, Nedra's primary interest is in money.

See also Aldur, Belar, Chaldan, Eriond, Issa, Mara, Torak, and UL.

Arend (Mimbrate) Nerina, Baroness

Mimbrate noblewoman, originally married to the Baron of Vo Ebor. She had a platonic love affair with Mandorallen when he was being instructed in knighthood by her husband, and, after her husband's death, she married Mandorallen (after a certain amount of persuasion on Garion's part ...).

Horse Noble

Placid, even lazy, horse given to Ce'Nedra by King Cho-Hag.

Tolnedran Noragon, Grand Duke of Tol Honeth

Honethite candidate to succeed Ran Borune XXIII. Poisoned by Bethra.


Tolnedran Obor, Brother

Monk from Mar Terrin, driven mad by the ghosts. Cured by Garion in one of his first acts of sorcery.

Alorn (Rivan) Olban

Youngest son of Brand; brother of Verdan, Kail, and Brin. Attempted to assassinate Garion shortly after his coronation, resenting the way Garion's arrival diminished his father's status as ruler of Riva. Later swore to protect Garion's then fiancée Ce'Nedra with his life, and was killed in the Battle of Thull Mardu.

Arend (Mimbrate) Oltorain, Sir, Baron

Mimbrate baron who had his leg broken by Mandorallen while attempting to exercise his right to do battle on his neighbour, Baron Derigen, for no particular reason. Older brother of Lady Ariana.


Disciple of Aldur Poledra - PoP, Prologue, p. 11
also known as: Child of Light;
The Woman Who Watches.

Poledra is one of the most mysterious characters in the series. She and Belgarath met shortly before the cracking of the world, when she wore her original form of a wolf.

Disciple of Aldur Polgara the Sorceress - PoP, Prologue, p. 16
also known as: Aunt Pol;
Lady Polgara, Duchess of Erat.

Polgara is the elder of Belgarath's twin daughters, the other being Beldaran. Born while her father was in Mallorea recovering the stolen Orb of Aldur (in the year 1897 A.C.), she is gifted with immunity to old age and (presumably) fatal illness due to her ability to perform sorcery. Her natural form is that of a beautiful woman with changeable blue eyes and a characteristic white lock at her brow among her raven hair, but she is also fond of the form of a owl, and occasionally takes the form of a falcon when speed is critical. She has acted as guardian to the Rivan line since the assassination of King Gorek of Riva, together with all but one of his family, in the year 4001 A.C. At the end of the Belgariad, she married Durnik, and later gave birth to twin children.

Fenling Poppi

Fenling under the care of Vordai, given the power of speech by Belgarath. Houseproud; mated to Tupik.

Alorn (Drasnian) Porenn, Queen of Drasnia

Wife of King Rhodar II of Drasnia and mother of King Kheva. Regent during Kheva's youth.



Tolnedran Rabbas

Tolnedran soldier, bodyguard to Lembor.

Tolnedran Radan

Tolnedran merchant, member of the Council of Advisors, and supporter of the Grand Duke Kador of Tol Vordue. Killed by Haldor by poisoning with athsat.

Alorn (Drasnian) Radek of Boktor

See Silk.

Tolnedran Ran Borune XXIII, Emperor of Tolnedra

Emperor of Tolnedra throughout the Belgariad, last Emperor in the bloodline of the Third Borune Dynasty, husband of Ce'Vanne, and father of Ce'Nedra. Sceptical and stubborn.

Arend (Asturian) Reldegen, Count

Uncle of Lelldorin.

Tolnedran Reldo

Tolnedran gold-digger in a settlement on the southern edge of Maragor.

Ulgo Relg
also known as: The Blind Man.

Ulgo zealot and diviner, capable of altering the structure of his body so that he can pass through rock, and of feeling the presence of caves. Ordered by the Gorim to accompany Belgarath and his companions to Rak Cthol to find the caves under the city. He is married to Taiba, and his first child and son is to become the Gorim of Ulgo.

"'Why do we need this blind mole, Belgarath?' Barak asked. 'He's just going to be an aggravation to us. I've noticed that men who spend all their time congratulating themselves on their sanctity tend to be very poor companions, and what can this one do that I can't?'
Relg looked at the red-bearded giant with disdain. 'Big men with big mouths seldom have big brains,' he said. 'Watch closely, hairy one.' He walked over to the sloping wall of the chamber. 'Can you do this?' he asked and slowly pushed his hand directly into the rock as if he were sinking it into water." (MG, Part Three (Ulgo), Chapter Seventeen).

Alorn (Drasnian) Rhodar II, King of Drasnia

Tremendously corpulent Drasnian monarch whose main hobby is eating. And eating. And maybe more eating, just to fill up his spare time. He does find time to be an outstanding tactician, though. Dies of obesity-related heart problems near the beginning of the Malloreon. Husband of Porenn and father of Kheva.

Arend Rundorig

Boyhood friend of Garion on Faldor's farm. Married to Zubrette.


Nyissan Sadi, Chief Eunuch
also known as: The Man who is No Man.

Chief Eunuch in the palace of Queen Salmissra at Sthiss Tor, and later one of Garion's companions on the quest for his son.

Nyissan Salmissra, Queen of Nyissa
also known as: Handmaiden of Issa;
The Serpent Queen.

Originally the High Priestess of the God Issa, the first Salmissra's God neglected to confer immortality on her before he and the other Gods left. Since then, after each one died, a new Queen of Nyissa was selected from among the girls of Nyissa, based on her similarity (in appearance and temperament) to the original Salmissra. (The Salmissra who ordered the assassination of King Gorek of Riva and all his family was originally named Illessa.) This practice continued until the time of the quest for the Orb, when Polgara turned the last Salmissra into a snake, to live forever.

Tolnedran Sharell, Lady

Alias used by the then Princess Ce'Nedra while escaping from the Imperial Palace at Tol Honeth.

Alorn (Algar) Silar, Queen of Algaria

Queen of Algaria at the time of the Belgariad/Malloreon, and wife of Cho-Hag.

Alorn (Drasnian) Silk
also known as: Prince Kheldar;
Radek of Boktor;
Ambar of Kotu;
The Nimble Thief;
The Guide.


Marag Taiba
also known as: The Mother of the Race That Died.

Marag slave woman found by the party in the caves under Rak Cthol after she escaped from the slave pens there. Marries Relg at the end of the Belgariad in order to restore the Marag race.

Angarak (Nadrak) Tarlek

A huge, fat Nadrak, looking more animal than human, living in a gold camp on the southern edge of Maragor until killed by Brill with a Dagashi adder-sting.

Angarak (Nadrak) Tashor

Stooped old Nadrak trapper, owner of Vella when Garion, Silk, and Belgarath first encounter her, shortly after which he sells her to Tekk for three goldmarks.

Angarak (Murgo) Taur Urgas, King of the Murgos

Despotic King of the Murgos until killed by Cho-Hag at the Battle of Thull Mardu (and buried by his son Urgit seventeen feet deep with his throat cut and a stake through his heart ...).

"A steady stream of grim-faced Murgo soldiers marched eight abreast into the makeshift fair to the cadenced beat of great drums. In their midst, astride a black horse and under a flapping black banner, rode Taur Urgas. He was a tall man with heavy, sloping shoulders and an angular, merciless face. The thick links of his mail shirt had been dipped in molten red gold, making it almost appear as if he were covered with blood." (MG, Part Four (Cthol Murgos), Chapter Twenty-One).

Angarak (Nadrak) Tekk

Tall, lean-faced Nadrak trapper with a scar across one cheek who buys Vella from Tashor for three goldmarks, and later marries her.

Alorn (Cherek) Terzie

Younger daughter of Barak and Merel, with reddish-blond hair. Sister of Gundred and Unrak.

Disciple of Aldur Tira

See Beltira.

Torak, God of the Angaraks Torak - PoP, Prologue, p. 9
also known as: Kal Torak;
The Dragon God of the Angaraks.

One of the Seven Gods (colour: probably black).
The archetypal evil god, Torak is not to be messed with lightly. After he stole the Orb of Aldur, the other gods declared an all-out war on Him which ended in Him cracking the world with the power of the stolen Orb. This action, as well as killing at least half of humanity, also resulted in most of His left side being burnt, particularly His left hand and His left eye: and, being a God and, supposedly, having no need of healing, these injuries persisted for over five thousand years until His death in Cthol Mishrak at the hands of Garion. His place among the Seven Gods was filled by Eriond. His disciples are Ctuchik, Zedar, and Urvon.

See also Aldur, Belar, Chaldan, Eriond, Issa, Mara, Nedra, and UL.

Arend (Asturian) Torasin

Young Asturian nobleman, cousin of Lelldorin and Berentain and nephew of Count Reldegen. Rebel. Killed in the Battle of Thull Mardu.

Alorn (Rivan) Torgan

Rivan glassmaker with iron-gray hair; employer of Joran.

Alorn (Cherek) Torvik

Blunt, grizzled Cherek huntsman who helps Queen Islena in her coup against Grodeg and the Bear-Cult.

Fenling Tupik

Fenling under the care of Vordai, given the power of speech by Belgarath. Mated to Poppi.


UL, God of the Ulgos UL, God of the Ulgos
also known as: Father of the Gods.

Infinitely good and infinitely wise, UL is the creator of the universe. When He is with the other Gods, He generally appears as a shaft of pure white light, although he has also been known to take the form of a white albatross. He became the God of the Ulgos at the persuasion of the first Gorim, despite His initial reluctance, and since then has lived with them in Prolgu.

See also Aldur, Belar, Chaldan, Eriond, Issa, Mara, Nedra, and Torak.

Alorn (Cherek) Unrak

Son of Barak and Merel; inherited his father's "Dreadful Bear" characteristic in defence of Garion's son Geran. Younger brother of Gundred and Terzie.

Angarak (Grolim) Urtag

Archpriest of the district of Camat, who escorts Ce'Nedra, Polgara, Durnik, and Errand to Cthol Mishrak.

Angarak (Grolim) Urvon

Third disciple of Torak and head of the Mallorean Grolims, Urvon is piebald, ugly, and completely mad, believing himself to be the New God of Angarak after Torak's death (the position eventually filled by Eriond). He is eventually dragged down into Hell by the Demon Lord Nahaz, to fairly universal applause.


Tolnedran Valgon, Ambassador

Honethite Tolnedran Ambassador of Ran Borune XXIII to Belgarion's court in Riva.

Tolnedran Varana, General, Duke of Anadile
also known as: Ran Borune XXIV.

Solid, unassuming, and extremely intelligent, Varana was sent by Ran Borune XXIII to keep an eye on Ce'Nedra's army at the Battle of Thull Mardu. He was later adopted by the Emperor and became Ran Borune XXIV after his predecessor's death.

Angarak (Nadrak) Varn

Tipsy gold-hunter who meets Silk and Garion in a tavern in Gar og Nadrak; recruited by the Malloreans after a fight with Besher.

Arend (Mimbrate) Vasrana, Countess

Mimbrate girl at the court of Vo Mimbre who attempted to seduce Garion.

Alorn (Drasnian) Velvet
also known as: Margravine Liselle;
The Huntress.

Velvet is the nickname of Margravine Liselle, Javelin's niece and a not untalented member of the Drasnian Intelligence Service, holding the post of Hunter on a mission to kill Harakan. She accomplishes this by throwing Zith into his face; the little snake expresses her irritation in no uncertain fashion. Her secondary, and unofficial, mission is, fairly obviously, to seduce Silk, and she manages this one with flying colours. To Silk's bemusement, she ends up marrying the career bachelor.

"The door opened, and a young lady of perhaps nineteen or twenty came in. Her hair was the color of honey, her eyes were a warm, golden brown, and she wore a plain-looking gray dress. Her expression was serious, but there was just the hint of a dimple in each of her cheeks. 'Uncle,' she said, and her voice had a kind of vibrancy about it that made it almost irresistibly compelling." (GotW, Part One (The Vale of Aldur), Chapter Seven).

Arend (Mimbrate) Vo Ebor, Baron of

Mimbrate nobleman, Mandorallen's mentor, and first husband of Nerina.

Alorn (Drasnian) Vordai

"The witch of the fens", Vordai lived in the Drasnian fens after fleeing from civilization when an angry mob tried to burn her at the stake for witchcraft. She modified the fenlings (small mammals related to otters) around her to be intelligent, and persuaded Belgarath to teach them to speak. She died between the Belgariad and the Malloreon.



Dryad Xantha, Queen of the Dryads

Golden-haired Queen of the Dryads during the Belgariad/Malloreon. Linked to a huge oak tree in the centre of the Wood of the Dryads.

Dryad Xbel

Tawny-haired Dryad who wanted to kill Garion when she caught him gathering firewood in the Wood of the Dryads while on the quest for the Orb.

Dryad Xera

Red-haired Dryad, cousin of Ce'Nedra.

Dryad X'Nedra

Dryad spelling of Ce'Nedra.

Dryad Xoria, Princess

Dryad princess given to an Emperor of the Tolnedran House of Borune in marriage to cement a peace treaty between Tolnedra and the Dryads. Ancestral mother of Ce'Nedra.


Angarak (Nadrak) Yarblek

Nadrak merchant and drunkard from Yar Turak, an old friend of Silk, who meets the party on the way to Rak Cthol along the South Caravan Route and helps them quite a lot over the next several years. Owner of Vella.

"Yarblek was sitting cross-legged on the carpeting at the back of the tent, with a large black keg conveniently beside him. 'Come in. Come in,' he said brusquely. 'Close the flap. You're letting out all the heat.'
'This is Yarblek,' Silk said by way of introduction, 'an adequate merchant and a notorious drunkard. We've known each other for a long time now.'
'My tent is yours.' Yarblek hiccuped indifferently. 'It's not much of a tent, but it's yours anyway. There are cups over there in that pile of things by my saddle - some of them are even clean. Let's all have a drink.'" (MG, Part Four (Cthol Murgos), Chapter Twenty-One).

Nyissan Y'diss

Steward to Count Dravor and agent of Queen Salmissra. Attempted, on Salmissra's orders, to capture Garion and his companions while they were travelling down from Vo Mimbre to Tol Honeth in quest of the Orb.


Angarak (Mallorean) Zakath, Emperor
also known as: 'Zakath;
Kal Zakath.

The Emperor of Mallorea called himself 'Zakath until after the death of Torak, when he expanded the apostrophe to "Kal", meaning "King and God". Having been tricked by Taur Urgas, King of the Murgos, into executing his Melcene girlfriend for treason, he made it his mission to exterminate the entire Murgo race. He captured Garion and his friends during their search for Zandramas, and the friendship that subsequently developed between him and Garion changed his life enormously, as, of course, did his marriage to Cyradis at the end of the Malloreon.

"'Zakath, dread Emperor of boundless Mallorea, was a man of medium height with glossy black hair and a pale, olive-tinged complexion. His features were regular, even handsome, but his eyes were haunted by a profound melancholy. He appeared to be about thirty-five years old, and he wore a plain linen robe with no ornament or decoration upon it to indicate his exalted rank." (EEG, Part Two (Mishrak ac Thull), Chapter Eighteen).

Angarak (Grolim) Zandramas
also known as: Child of Dark.

Former Grolim priestess who became the Child of Dark in the penultimate EVENT. Afraid of submitting herself and the Prophecy she served to Cyradis' CHOICE, she attempted continually to thwart the agreement made between the two Prophecies and open up a third possibility, one not involving the CHOICE. Killing one of Garion's party who was not meant to die would have served this purpose, as would getting Geran to touch the Sardion. Failing in both, however, she ceased to be the Child of Dark when she nominated Geran as her successor, and, when the CHOICE went against her, the star-like lights which had been swirling under her skin since she became the Child of Dark took over her body completely, and she and the Sardion were taken up into the sky to patch the rift in the fabric in the universe which had caused the separation of the Necessities in the first place. Not the most pleasant way to go, I think you'll agree.

Disciple of Aldur Zedar the Apostate
also known as: Belzedar.

Originally the second disciple of the God Aldur, Zedar was born somewhere around the year 1600 B.C. Some time during the first or second millennium, he apostasized and became the second disciple of the god Torak. He was the Child of Dark to Belgarath's Child of Light in the EVENT that took place just before Belgarath and his companions recovered the Orb from Cthol Mishrak, in the year 1896. He was imprisoned for eternity under the rock of Cthol Mishrak by Belgarath in punishment for the murder of Durnik.

Tolnedran Zereel

Court Wizard to Ran Borune XXIII. Charlatan.

Sendar Zubrette

Golden-haired girlfriend of Garion while he was living on Faldor's farm; later married to Rundorig.

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