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The author's comments (written by Kamion):

Looking at some J.R.R. Tolkien books one night, I noticed that either J.R.R. or his son, Christopher, had gone off at some point and worked out a chronology of Middle Earth. I thought it might be an idea to have a try at working one out for the world of Bel/Mal. (If nothing else, it'd be invaluable for sorting out alt.fan.eddings arguments (the sort that would lead to bloodshed if they weren't conducted in cyberspace ;-))). I had a read through my copy of BtS, took down exact dates where possible, and figured out approximate relative dates for everything else.

B.C. = Before the Cracking of the world
A.C. = After the Cracking of the world (or Alorn Calendar)

R.Hn. = Ran Honeth
R.Hb. = Ran Horb
R.V. = Ran Vordue
R.B. = Ran Borune
(all Emperors of Tolnedra reigning during the relevant year)

c. 2200 B.C. Birth of the first Gorim.
c. 2150 B.C. Foundation of Prolgu.
c. 2100 B.C. Birth of Belgarath.
c. 1600 B.C. Birth of (Bel)zedar.
c. 1600-1000 B.C. Births of Belkira, Beltira, Belmakor, Belsambar, and Beldin.
c. 800 B.C. Beldin leaves Belgarath's tower.
c. 500 B.C. Aldur sends his disciples out of the Vale to survey the world.
c. 10 B.C. Torak seizes Orb of Aldur.
0 B.C./0 A.C. Belgarath meets Poledra.
Torak cracks the world.
c. 20 Aldur sends Beldin and Belzedar to Mallorea.
Belgarath goes to Prolgu, Arendia, and Tolnedra.
c. 120 Beldin and Belgarath return to the Vale.
Belsambar destroys himself.
Belzedar and Belmakor return to the Vale.
c. 900 Poledra learns to shape-change.
c. 900-1500 (R.Hn. I) Ran Honeth I founds Tolnedran Empire.
Arendish civil wars break out.
c. 1500 Beldin returns from Mallorea, and Belmakor from Maragor.
Poledra leaves the Vale.
c. 1515 Aldur sends Belgarath to Morindland.
c. 1520 Poledra returns to Vale in human form.
Belgarath returns from Morindland.
Belgarath and Poledra marry.
c. 1525 (R.V. IV) Bear-Cult founded.
Alorn clan wars break out.
Uvar Bent-Beak puts down Bear-Cult rebellion.
c. 1530 Belmakor destroys himself.
c. 1850 Marags invade Nyissa.
Birth of Cherek Bear-Shoulders.
c. 1870 Cherek ascends throne of Aloria.
1874 Birth of Dras Bull- Neck.
1876 Birth of Algar Fleet- Foot.
1878 Birth of Riva Iron- Grip.
1896 Belgarath fights Zedar.
Belgarath, Cherek, Dras, Algar, and Riva recover Orb from Cthol Mishrak.
Belgarath divides up Aloria.
Riva forges Sword.
Belgarath fights Grul the Eldrak.
1897 Birth of Polgara and Beldaran.
Apparent death of Poledra.
1898 Belgarath returns to sanity.
Belgarath leaves the Vale for Camaar.
1901 Belgarath leaves Camaar for Arendia, Tolnedra, Nyissa, and Maragor.
1910 Beldin takes Belgarath out of Mar Amon back to the Vale.
Murgos, Thulls, and Nadraks come to the West.
1913 Riva marries Beldaran.
Alorn Council is founded.
1915 Birth of Daran.
Belgarath and Polgara visit Darine and Mrin prophets.
Belgarath visits Ctuchik.
Polgara confirmed as disciple of Aldur.
c. 1915 Ashabine Oracles completed.
1922 Darine Codex completed.
1932 Mrin Codex completed.
1937 Death of Beldaran.
1943 Death of Cherek.
1944 Death of Riva.
2115 (R.V. IV) Tolnedrans invade Maragor.
c. 2340 (R.V. XVII) Polgara goes to Vo Wacune.
Arendish civil wars end temporarily.
2537 (R.B. I) Ran Borune I ascends throne of Tolnedra.
2943 Vo Wacune destroyed.
3097 (R.B. XXIV) Accords of Val Alorn signed.
3822 (R.Hb. II) Vo Astur destroyed.
3827 (R.Hb. II) Foundation of Sendaria.
4002 (R.V. I) Assassination of King Gorek and his family.
Hiding of the Rivan King.
Alorns destroy Nyissa.

That's got a fair bit of the way through Belgarath the Sorcerer. Much like Belgarath himself, I'm too lazy at the minute to finish it. When I do finally get around to it, I'll run through Polgara the Sorceress as well, and finish it off by going through the Belgariad and the Malloreon themselves. I sure hope somebody finds a use for this! Still, it's interesting to see how subtle Eddings has been in crafting his history. For instance, according to BtS, there were at least two Tolnedran emperors named Ran Vordue IV. I thought this was a mistake at first, but it seems that each dynasty restarted its numbering from I. Confusing, but neat ...

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