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I've collected my favorite quotes from Eddings' books. Some of these were added by me but most of them are contributions from other devoted Eddings fans.
Thanks to all of you who have helped with this collection of quotations.

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Thanks to Mari B for these ones:
Category: Funny
“What do you think I ought to do?” he asked.
"Don’t try to play politics with these people.” Barak replied. “Grodeg’s here to conduct the official betrothal ceremony. Just let it go at that.”
“He’ll try to talk to me, though,” Garion fretted. “He’s going to try to make me lead an invasion of the southern kingdoms so that he can convert the Arends and Tolnedrans and Nyissans to the worship of Belar.”
“Where did you hear that?” Silk asked curiously. “I’d rather not say,” Garion evaded.
“Does Belgarath know?” Garion nodded. “Aunt Pol told him.”
Silk chewed thoughtfully on a fingernail. “Just be stupid,” he said finally.
“Pretend to be a simple country bumpkin with no idea of what’s going on. Grodeg’s going to do everything he can to get you alone so he can wring concessions out of you Just keep smiling and nodding foolishly, and every time he makes a proposal, send for Belgarath. Let him think that you can’t make a single decision on your own.”
“Won’t that make me seem ---- well ----?”
“Do you really care what he thinks?”
“Well, not really, I guess, but ----“
“It will drive him crazy,” Barak pointed out with a wicked grin. “He’ll think that you’re a complete idiot – a ripe plum ready for picking. But he’ll realize that if he wants you, he’ll have to fight Belgarath to get you, He’ll be tearing out his beard in frustration before he leaves.”
He turned and looked admiringly at Silk. “That’s really a terrible thing to do to a man like Grodeg, you know.”
Silk smirked. “Isn’t it though?”
The three of them stood grinning at each other and finally burst into laughter.
Source: Castle Of Wizardry - Chapter 16

Category: Funny
About noon, silk shook himself and looked around, his eyes finally alert, though still a bit bloodshot. “Did anybody think to bring something to drink?” he asked.
“Didn’t you get enough last night?” Belgarath replied. “
That was for entertainment. What I need now is something therapeutic.”
“Water?” Garion suggested.
“I’m thirsty, Garion, not dirty.”
Source: Castle Of Wizardry - Chapter 20

Category: Funny
Ce’Nedra, however, was staring disapprovingly at the breastplate Delban had made for her. It would quite obviously fit – too well. “Didn’t you forget something?” she asked him.
He picked the breastplate up in his big hands and examined it.
“It’s all there,” he told her. “Front, back, all the straps to hook them together. What else did you want?”
“Isn’t it a trifle – understated?” Ce’Nedra suggested delicately.
“It’s made to fit,” he replied. “The understatement isn’t my fault.”
“I want it a little more –“ She made a curving gesture with her hands.
“What for?”
“Never mind what for. Just do it.”
“What do you plan to put in it?”
“That’s my business. Just do it the way I told you to.”
He tossed a heavy hammer down on his anvil. “Do it yourself,” he told her bluntly. “Please, Delban,” she wheedled.
“It’s foolishness, he told her, his face set.
“It’s important,” she coaxed. “If I wear it like that, I’ll look like a little boy. When people see me, they have to know that I’m a woman. It’s terribly, terribly important. Couldn’t you – well – just a little bit?” She cupped her hands slightly.
Delban gave up. “Oh, all right, “ he growled, picking up his hammer. “Anything to get you out of my shop – but not clear out to here.” He made an exaggerated gesture.
“I’ll depend on your good taste, Delban.” She smiled.
Source: Castle Of Wizardry - Chapter 23

Category: Funny
“We call her the Rivan Queen, my dear Anheg,”
King Rhodar replied urbanely. “And we break the head of any man who refuses to bow to her.”
“You can count on that,” Anheg scowled. “If I bow to her, everybody’s going to bow to her.”
Source: Castle Of Wizardry - Chapter 23

Thanks to Jax for this one:
Category: Funny
Kurik laughed a bit ruefully. "I should have remembered that," he said.
"Remembered what?" Talen asked him.
"Rotten logs and the like glow in the dark sometimes."
"I didn't know that."
"You've spent too much time in cities, Talen."
"You have to go where your customers are." The boy shrugged. "You don't make much profit swindling frogs."
Source: The Sapphire Rose - Chapter 22

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