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Posted by Aphrael (aphrael@microserve.net).

Add-on section posted by Sarabian (pfreemn@netcomuk.co.uk)

  1. alt.fan.eddings newsgroup
  2. IRC #eddings
  3. Web pages
  4. The Recommended Fantasy Author List
  1. alt.fan.eddings newsgroup

    Home of Eddings fanatics worldwide. First appeared in the early 1990s, and if anyone knows the actual date it was created, let me know. (I know I started reading regularly in January, 1993, and it had already been around for a while then). A comfortable newsgroup with moderate traffic (usually around 20-30 messages a day, depending on the time of year, whether a new book has come out recently, and the level of spam on the Net) - feel free to drop in and join us.

  2. IRC #eddings

    Thanks in large part to the efforts of Ian Hutcherson and Rumor, we now have our own channel on IRC. #Eddings channels are certainly welcome to be formed on any net, but the one that seems to be the unofficial one is on Espernet. I'll include a list of the servers as soon as I get the information from Rumor. The unofficial meeting time that seems to work for most interested people is Friday and/or Saturday, about 7pm-9pm Eastern (USA) Standard Time, 12am-2am Greenwich Standard Time, but feel free to check in anytime.

  3. Web pages


    Donal Fellows' Eddings Page

    Eddings trivia, voting on items of interest to Eddings fans, and links to other sites. Donal is an a.f.e. stalwart, and has been around virtually since the group's creation. His site also contains a copy of the a.f.e. Recommended Fantasy Author List.

    Paul Farris' Eddings Page - "The Vale"

    Contains Paul Farris' original Eddings FAQ, and well as links to other sites and lots of other useful stuff. U.K. fans should note that Paul's FAQ has the ISBNs of the British editions of David Eddings' books.

    Sparhawk's Eddings Web Site

    The Unofficial a.f.e. Home Page

    Justin Hall's tribute to denizens of alt.fan.eddings. Along with the usual links to other Eddings sites, it includes a list of prominent a.f.e'rs and how they can be contacted.

    The Belgariad Timeline

    Matthew Korth is in the process of putting together a timeline of the Five Ages of the world of the Belgariad.


    The Recommended Fantasy Author List

    Listing of fantasy authors recommended by readers of the alt.fan.eddings newsgroup. Contains descriptive listings on more than 150 authors, forthcoming titles, book news, and numbers of recommendations.

    Del Rey homepage

    Del Rey is Eddings' publisher in the U.S., and their site often has news about his upcoming work. They also publish quite a few other fantasy authors, and you can find sample chapters and all kinds of goodies there.

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