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Posted by Aphrael (aphrael@microserve.net).

Add-on section posted by Sarabian (pfreemn@netcomuk.co.uk)


Special thanks and my eternal gratitude to Paul Farris, Donal Fellows, and Jonathan Yen, who let me use information that they had already gathered and pounded into useable form. I am grateful for their hard work, and their graciousness in allowing me to swipe^H^H^H^H^H utilize their efforts.

And, of course, I could never forgive myself if I forgot to thank Anthony Chan, who 'waaaay back in 1994 began the grim task of hacking together an Eddings FAQ (he eventually gave it up and decided to do something a bit easier - complete his medical degree.)

Thanks also to:

Daniel Peters, for the original list of German titles, and Denis Aumueller, who sent the titles of Eddings' other works and added ISBNs.

Raul de Vincenzi, Geoff Hunter and Ginger941, who provided help with ISBNs, as well as a few encouraging words.

Joy Green, who provided the descriptions for High Hunt and The Losers.

Arto Repola, who provided the Finnish version of the titles. Francis Cornet, who provided the French titles and ISBNs. Patrik Montgomery, who provided the Swedish titles. Marcello Manicardi, who provided the Italian titles.

And, of course, Kalten, who provided the best commentary I've received on this FAQ since it came out (unfortunately, much of it isn't suitable for a family publication...)

Aph's thanks:

Amy Sheldon, for entrusting me to take over the maintenance of the FAQ and for having it so well-written to begin with so that all I had to do was add a few things.

Rumor and Peta Young, for their parts in hammering out some of the theories I've added to the FAQ.

Ian Hutcherson, for all his work organizing the #eddings channel.

And all the users who make a.f.e. such a fun place to hang out!

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